Yes, that’s right. My final post on this blog.

NO, OF COURSE I’M NOT QUITING! I’m just taking a small hai-

Lol, nah, I never announce my hiatus anyway. Actually…



That’s right~ I’VE GOT MY OWN HOSTING NOW! You guys might not know, but I’ve always wanted to have my own site(and not under because I’ve always felt a bit too restricted here.

But I won’t go onto the details about that. You’ll find more info on it on the Welcome post on the new blog! So before I finish MY LAST AND EVER POST on here, I though I might throw in one final “Blog Status Update”. ;)

  • First Post: FIRST POST (August 1, 2008) – Wow, it’s been such a long time since then…
  • 337 total posts
  • 61 categories
  • 1,038 tags
  • 576 comments (I WANT MOAR)


  • Total Views: 75,406 (<3333)
  • Views in 2008: 8,501 (56 views average per day)
  • Views in 2009: 55,966 (153 v/d)
  • Views in 2010: 12,836 (185 v/d)
  • Busiest Day: 579 — Friday, July 10, 2009 (Thanks IW!)
  • Subscribers: 5 subscribers, 9 subscriptions (yea, I don’t get it either)


Phew, so that’s it. Thanks so much for reading all the crap I post up and visiting each day~ Now to actually show you guys the new site! I welcome you all to the new Sora to Kujira! (version 4~)

Don’t forget to update your bookmarks to the new site! No more posts will be posted on here!

Also for my fellow bloggers, PLEASE UPDATE YOUR LINKS/BUTTONS/BLOGROLL with the new url!

Oh and btw, this site will stay open for archiving purposes~ And well, I see no reason to shut it down. ;p

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°C-ute – Shocking 5

Shocking 5 is °C-ute’s 5th album and it was released on February 24, 2010. It reached #25 on the Oricon Weekly Charts and has sold 6,475 copies.


1. EVERYDAY Zekkouchou!!♠♠♠♠♠
2. The Party!
3. Aa Koi / Suzuki Airi
4. Bye Bye Bye!
5. Lonely girl’s night / Yajima Maimi
6. Kimi no Senpou / Nakajima Saki, Okai Chisato, Hagiwara Mai
7. SHOCK!♠♠♠
8. Shigatsu Sengen♠♠♠
9. “Zansho Omimai Moushiagemasu.” / Suzuki Airi
10. Yume ga Aru Kara
11. Shochuu Omimai Moushiagemasu (H22 Remix)♠♠

To finish off C-ute’s recent flops, Tsunku pulls together this album. Now I have never in my entire time of being an H!P stan heard such a horrible and disappointing album.

First thing to mention are the singles. While I can admit that I do LIKE EVERYDAY Zekkouchou!! and listen to it regularly, Bye Bye Bye! is the worst a-side the group has released, while SHOCK!, which is indeed catchy, just suffers greatly by the Airi line hax. The era’s second best a-side was actually given a remix to make it sound at least a little better. The H22 Remix of Shochuu Omimai Moushiagemasu doesn’t fit in at all in the album and feels more like a “bonus track”. Fortunately, it is an improvement since its like a para-para/dance remix of the original although it is quite messy(it jumps from 8-bit to techno in some parts).

Now for the six new tracks. I only like one and that is Shigatsu Sengen. What I like about it is how natural and honest it is. Even though it’s nothing amazing or too memorable, the girls singing together and the instrumental make the song for me. However, that’s where my love for the album stops.

The album has three Suzuki Airi solos: SHOCK!, “Zansho Omimai Moushiagemasu.” and Aa Koi. I’m neutral about the b-side, though it does seem like filler material in the album but the new track is a mess. Airi’s vocals are loud and out of tune. Maimi also has her own solo, Lonely girl’s night, but it’s even worse than Airi’s. Not only are her vocals the worst I’ve ever heard her sing but the song is so sluggish and boring that it kills any desire to listen to Maimi sing ever again.

My biggest personal disappointment would be with The Party!. While it possessed many factors to being the title track for the album(it’s title, being near the beginning of the album, etc…), those chances were lowered when Shigatsu Sengen was given a PV instead. It’s b-side material at its worst. seriously, I don’t even know what Tsunku was thinking with this song. It’s the perfect song to sum up the album entirely:

Bland, boring, generic, vocally weak and honestly disgusting.

C-ute has reached rock bottom of their career with this album and it’s no surprise. Line up changes, disappointing releases and bad promotion are the reason for their now FLOPPY career. Tsunku has lost grip of what used to be H!P’s most anticipated and shining group and converted it into an Airi centered mess with weak material.

Overall Rating


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The Spring Thief, Mano, Leads to Aika hax?

So one day when Tsunku is in his probably not so expensive studio recording some new music for Morning Musume’s new single after the release of 10 MY ME(oh, you know it’s coming), he gets the silly idea to give the song to H!P’s sparkling, sole soloist Mano.

Initially the song was titled “AS FOR TWO DAYS” since it’s an answer song to that forgotten Momosu song(and my personal favorite song from them EVAR) from many years back but Tsunku changed it to Haru no Arashi so we wouldn’t go all crazy, like those damn K-Pop fangirls.

That’s my first hypothesis however. A more likely reason would be that Mano sneaked into the studio late at night and convinced Tsunku to give her a song that wasn’t totally boring. And by convincing I mean SEDUCING HIM.

Heck, not like she couldn’t right?

Well, no. Tsunku is always a very serious man and 100% dedicated to his job. Thus Mano failed, was kicked out of H!P and forever forgotten in the J-Pop world.

But to us, she’s still out there looking for another company to lead into bankruptcy.

In all seriousness though, I L♡♡♡♡♡VE Mano’s new single. It’s sooooo good. Definitely takes the spot of “she only has one good song”. SHE HAS MOAR THOUGH.

So upon my like fifth listen of the song some time ago, I wondered how the line distribution would be if it were a Momosu song.

So… color-coded lyrics time start~!!!

If you aren’t aware of the site(shame on you H!P fans!) it’s here and well it’s pretty self explanatory.

Takahashi Ai, Niigaki Risa, Kamei Eri, Sayumi Bitchshige, Wonky Reina, Mitsui Aika, Junjun, Linlin

“Haru no Arashi”

Arashi no mae no shizukesa na no ka, sora
Haiiro no kumo tachi ugoi teru

Watashi no kokoro ni umare ta jerashii
Kotoba ni suru koto de kowaku naru no

Zutto zutto suki datta no
Anata no koto dake ga AH

[Tan/Mic/Lin]Anata no me o mi te wakatta no
[Ka/Mic/Jun]Watashi o mitsume te i nai koto ga
[Tak/Aika/Lin]Kanojo no sugata o oikakeru
[Ni/Aika/Jun]Shisen ga ima arashi o yobu

Watashi no kokoro ni
Fukiareru arashi

Ni gakki hajimatta koro wa futari de
Nooto no kashikari o shi tari shi te

Shuumatsu no yakusoku eiga o mi tari
Sotsugyou shi te mo sore wa kawara nai to

Zutto zutto suki datta no
Anata no koto dake ga AH

[Ni/Mic/Lin]Minare ta keshiki ga kawatte ku
[Tak/Mic/Jun]Watashi wa watashi ja naku natte ku
[Ka/Aika/Lin]Futari no shashin o chigittara
[Tan/Aika/Jun]Harahara ima arashi o yobu

Watashi no subete ga
Kakimidasa re te ku

Anata no me o mi te wakatta no
Watashi o mitsume te i nai koto ga

Kanojo no sugata o oikakeru
Shisen ga ima arashi o yobu

Watashi no kokoro ni
Fukiareru arashi

Whoa, that was tougher than I expected.

So it’s pretty realistic. I’ll leave the chorus parts up to Tsunku since he knows which members harmonize the best together. If anything from this would be changed, it would probably be Aika’s lines being replaced by Reina, unfortunately. We all know how much Tsunku hates 8th gen. *eyeroll*

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Mano Erina – Haru no Arashi

Haru no Arashi is Mano Erina’s 6th major single and it was released on February 24, 2010. It reached #10 on the Oricon Weekly Charts and has sold 14,736 copies.


1. Haru no Arashi
2. Hello! Esper! Hello!
3. Haru no Arashi (Instrumental)

Looks like I have a new favorite Mano song! Haru no Arashi, in almost every way, is SUPERB.

What I most love about the a-side is that the song sounds like something Tsunku would have made for Morning Musume. Think of it as a modern version of AS FOR ONE DAY, thus matching Momosu’s current style perfectly. Even though the group would have pulled this song off exceptionally vocally, Mano doesn’t stray too far behind. Although she will forever have room to improve, she finally has a song in which she just sings naturally and doesn’t have to alter her vocal style to match the instrumental. While I did enjoy how Momosu adopted this musical style for their recent singles, they have gotten rather stale though I do hope that Tsunku sticks with this sound for a few more Mano singles.

It took me a while to find out what I really think about Hello! Esper! Hello! since it’s one of those upbeat Mano songs with dangerous vocals but also paired up with the b-side factor. However the song is more than your cute pop song with electric guitar since it actually has a few interesting knickknacks here and there, not to mention a fun little chorus. It’s a cute and happy song that really sets your moods high and while it contrasts nicely with the a-side, it just isn’t my cup of tea.

Although I’m sure if Haru no Arashi were made a Momosu song that it would probably be my all time favorite ever, I’m glad that Mano has finally been given an a-side comparable to the other H!P releases. I can tell that her role as the “boring piano soloist who can’t sing” is quickly disappearing.

Overall Rating


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2NE1 – Try to Copy Me

Try to Copy Me is 2NE1’s 5th digital single and it was released on February 9, 2010.


1. Try to Copy Me

Already on their fifth digital single release and 2NE1 still hasn’t disappointed me, although they were close to doing so with Try to Copy Me. The song is exceptionally safe in that it’s(what we can now consider) a “typical 2NE1 song”. It mixes that K-Pop sound with the hip-hop style the group is known for along with their charismatic rapping. Now while I won’t complain about the autotune or instrumental(since I’m so used to them by now), I will state that the song is just a bit TOO repetitive for me. The song is just really a big cycle between Minzy & CL’s rapping and Dara’s obnoxious repetition of the title. Bom’s part in the song is unfortunately short and tacked on, thus not making this song as vocally strong(and not as annoying) as others. Even so, it is a catchy, if rushed and lazy track.

Overall Rating


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After School – Because Of You

Because Of You is After School’s 2nd single and it was released on November 25, 2009.


1. Because Of You
2. When I Fall
3. Diva
4. Because Of You (Inst)

After School kicks off their second single with Because Of You, a song that makes me remember of BIG BANG hits like Lies and Haru Haru almost enough to consider plagiarism. However, the song only sounds the same in arrangement as the melodies share no similarity. What we have is another one of those “sad synth songs that start with a piano, have an explosive chorus and a lot of rapping”. All in all, the song is gorgeous and is filled with very emotional and strong vocals and a fresh, moody instrumental. Definitely their biggest hit with me so far.

When I Fall is a lot simpler and natural in its composition since it’s just acoustic instruments(minus some beats) throughout the entire song, which is quite refreshing and surprising to hear from the group. I got a very big American vibe from this song, maybe due to the lack of that synth K-Pop is known for. This track sounds like one of those break-up songs that try to get your spirits up. Even so, it’s quite touching and a good showcase for the group’s strong vocalists.

Finishing up the single is a song formerly released as a digital single, the energetic and pumping hit Diva. It’s no surprise this song was so popular since it just screams catchy with that chorus and “diva diva diva diva” lines. Instead of being another synth loaded song like any other, it has that distinct After School sound since it has more mature vocals than the usual(the rapping and their overall developed vocals) and a moderate yet fine use of the vocoder.

This single was an all around success for the group. It was a good idea to include Diva in here since it rounded off the other two tracks perfectly. I really have no complains as After School, while still a new group, doesn’t suffer from what other debuting girl groups do; lack of looking professional and shaky vocals. Their variety in styles is also a plus for me.

Overall Rating


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After School + Son Dam Bi – AMOLED

AMOLED is After School + Son Dam Bi’s 1st collaboration single and it was released on July 23, 2009.



You wouldn’t expect a song to promote a cellphone would be any good, but AMOLED is a dangerously catchy dance song filled with fierce in every second of it’s three minutes. Son Dam Bi practically owns this song(with After School only having a brief rap half-way through the song) and is under the heaviest, most obnoxious and unnecessary vocoder I think I have ever heard. Even so, it gives the song that, electronic, futuristic sound and is just too catchy to deny. With After School’s fierce charisma and Dam Bi leading the way, there is no way you won’t at least give this song more than one listen. It’s really that addictive.

Overall Rating


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