°C-ute – Namida no Iro

Namida no Iro

Namida no Iro is °C-ute’s 5th major single and it was released on April 23, 2008. It reached #4 on the Oricon Weekly Charts and has sold 33,422 copies.


1. Namida no Iro
2. Darling I LOVE YOU (°C-ute ver.)
3. Namida no Iro (Instrumental)

For °C-ute’s 5th major label release, Tsunku decides to equip them with what has to be one of Hello! Project’s strongest(and loudest) instrumentals yet. Using heavy use of blaring synth and an awesome Spanish guitar(giving the song that distinct Latin feeling to it) accompanied by the girl’s passionate vocals, we get quite the a-side. Namida no Iro is a pretty fast paced song so it’s quite enjoyable to listen to, apart from being catchy. Maimi and Airi own this song and I have no complains from their vocals, although I do get that “this song is too loud” vibe from when the girls sing together as a group, most noticeable during the bridge. Apart from that bit(which can be fixed with a change on the volume), this song is a welcome addition to their rapidly growing discography.

Surprisingly, the b-side this time around is just as good as the a-side, something that happens maybe in only one out of twenty H!P releases. The °C-ute ver. of Darling I LOVE YOU is practically the same as the Berryz Koubou version except that Airi and Mai get solos instead of Miyabi and Risako. The song has a lot of the typical b-side elements to it, but with the addition of a prominent electric guitar and a memorable melody! The song is really high-paced and energetic and along with its hook proves to possibly be the group’s strongest b-side ever released.

I’ve always thought that °C-ute had the most stable releases in H!P, both quality and quantity wise. This time around they managed to maintain that theory with the release of this high quality single. I think that the aggressive and fast paced sound works for them, differentiating them from other groups like Berryz Koubou. Well done Tsunku.

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