Suzuki Ami – ONE

ONE was Suzuki Ami’s 14th avex trax single and her 29th overall. It was released July 2, 2008, sold 5,103 copies in it’s first week, 6,683 overall and reached #17 on the charts. This single was produced by Nakata Yasutaka, who also produced FREE FREE / SUPER MUSIC MAKER and marks her 10th anniversary as an artist.


1. ONE

2. A token of love

3. ONE (Instrumental)

4. A token of love (FM88 mix)

ONE starts off with the same genre and style of music found on her FREE FREE / SUPER MUSIC MAKER, computerized vocals and strong techno elements which are what stands out in Nakata Yasutaka produced songs. The song starts off with Ami repeating the words “Numbah One”, which are heard often throughout the song. This leads into the first verse which features some very catchy beats, nice vocals by Ami and a ton of synth to put it all together. As the chorus arrives, the music begins to get stronger and we get an extremely catchy vocal performance by Ami, followed by more repeated singing of “Numbah One”. The song ends with 40 seconds of synth and beats, which seem to flow right into the next track.

A token of love begins with some beats that begin to layer into synth which lead us to one of the most infectious vocal performances I’ve heard in a while, Ami’s elongated and layered singing of “Ah”. I can’t explain how much I love this part of the song, it’s definitely what makes this song stand out so much. The verses feature a very see-saw type arrangement vocal wise and the bridge to the chorus slows down the beats into a very simple yet catchy chorus. Ami sings it entirely in English, being accompanied by the vocals “A token of love” after every line. The song is just over 6 minutes long, which was no problem to me as it was all extremely pleasant to the ears.

The FM88 mix of A token of love is, in short, an even better track than it’s original. We can hear some new synth, while other has been left out, though the song sounds pretty much the same, except that it’s around 2 minutes shorter. It skips out all the building up synth and beats and straight into Ami’s elongated notes.

All in all, I was VERY satisfied and relieved upon hearing this single. If her album sounds anything like these tracks, which is most likely the case, I may very well have a new favorite album. ONE was very similar to FREE FREE in many ways, except I found the arrangement a lot more typical and organized, unlike FREE FREE, where I’m still not sure which part the chorus is. A token of love is an EXTREMELY high quality track, and in my opinion, the FM88 mix is superior to ONE.

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4 Responses to Suzuki Ami – ONE

  1. solarblade says:

    Totally, ONE is like definite techno candy to me. A token of love was just as good if not better, I actually can’t wait to hear this Nakata-produced album….something tells me it’s gonna be one-worded like….GAME, BEAM, STEP…you know the drill lol

  2. waterhealer says:

    Haha, either one worded or capitalized. XD Usually both. :P
    I can’t wait for her next single. >-<

  3. solarblade says:

    heh, me either, im so far beyond infatuated with her.

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