AAA – BEYOND~Karada no Kanata

BEYOND~Karada no Kanata was AAA’s 18th single.. It was released May 25, 2008, sold 17,945 copies in it’s first week, 20,536 overall and reached #6 on the charts. It is the group’s first single after the trilogy of their three albums “ATTACK” “ALL” AROUND”.


1. BEYOND~Karada no Kanata

2. One Night Animal

3. MIRAGE [83key Remix]

4. BEYOND~Karada no Kanata (Instrumental)

5. One Night Animal (Instrumental)

I think it might be impossible for me to describe my love for BEYOND~Karada no Kanata. I just don’t know what it is about this song but it is absolutely incredible. It features a very rock sound but it’s overall feeling leaves you feeling very, how do I say, fulfilled. The way the vocals are presented in this song fit perfectly and the arrangement makes it all even better. The elongated notes of “Summer Day” only add to the addictiveness of this song.

The next track, One Night Animal, has a very dance/disco sound to it. It’s a bit out of place next to Beyond but it still manages to maintain it’s ground. There’s some bit of voice distortion in this song as well, which just adds to the whole groovy feeling. I can’t really say this is one of my favorite AAA songs, as it isn’t really catchy or features anything too special. However, the synth and beats do add a bit of spice to it, along with the electric guitar solo during the instrumental break, which is immediately followed by rapping, something which wasn’t found in Beyond.

MIRAGE [83key Remix] is definitely going to be a favorite of people who enjoyed the original version but weren’t too excited about the middle eastern sound it had. The [83key Remix] adds a more faster paced instrumental, completely removing all of the sounds found in the original and replaced for fast paced beats and synth, along with an overall distinctness. I still preferred the original though.

BEYOND~Karada no Kanata was great single, containing a bit of everything. I was absolutely fascinated with Beyond, so much that it actually rose to the second most listened song on my iTunes in 3 days, beaten by Suzuki Ami’s FREE FREE. One Night Animal was a typical b-side while the mix of MIRAGE offered something different for fans of the original, but isn’t really good overall.

Single Rating


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2 Responses to AAA – BEYOND~Karada no Kanata

  1. Raid says:

    This is surprising.

    To be completely honest, BEYOND was easily my LEAST favorite AAA song. To me, it just sounds lazy and uninspired.

    It was nice to see someone else like it though. KEEP THE AAA LOVE ROAR. xD

  2. Raa-chan says:

    Beyond… hmmm it was a great song but it isn’t one of my fav songs XD instead I loves One Night Animal… so much. XDDD oh well at least there’s someone who liked it ^^ <333

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