Kusumi Koharu – Papancake

Papancake was Kusumi Koharu’s 5th single under the name Tsukishima Kirari starring Kusumi Koharu (Morning Musume). It was released July 16, 2008, sold 12,449 copies in it’s first week, 18,446 overall and reached #11 on the charts. So far, this is Koharu’s lowest selling single.


1. Papancake

2. Oh! Tomodachi

3. Papancake (Instrumental)

Papancake manages to maintain the same genre of music found in Koharu’s last singles, but it just doesn’t present it as good. The song kicks off with the chorus, along with some guitars and Koharu’s grating voice.  She sounds like shes yelling most of the time, lucky enough, the “hai”‘s at the end of the chorus are cute enough to make up for it, kinda. The verses maintain the same energy, but aren’t really catchy in that matter. The instrumental break features more guitars, which I can’t help but feel are a bit out of place in this happy, giddy song.

Oh! Tomodachi begins with some very distinct sounding Koharu vocals. They seem like if she were far away. Once again, the electric guitar is present and louder than ever, but it seems to fit this song a lot better. The verses and bridge all seem to build up for the chorus, which isn’t really that great. The vocals are a lot less annoying this time around, although Koharu does use her voice differently in this song, especially during the second verse.

It’s no wonder this single sold so much less than her previous singles. Papancake manages to maintain the same Kirarin style music were used to hearing, but just not as catchy or memorable. I would of like this single a lot better if it weren’t for Koharu’s vocals, but I shouldn’t expect her to change the way she sings as they’re what best fit the music.

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