misono – Sei -say-

Sei -say- was misono’s 2nd album. It was released July 16, 2008, sold 8,364 copies in it’s first week, 10,770 overall and reached #20 on the charts. It includes 6 different singles, including all three of her consecutive rock-style singles.


  1. misono Aji
  2. Zasetsu Chiten
  3. Ninin Sankyaku
  4. Gizagiza LIFE
  5. Black & White ~Kuroi Sunglasses Kaketa Hi Kara~
  6. Triangle
  7. Hot Time
  8. Mugen Kigen
  9. Ojii-chankko Obaa-chankko Hinatabokko
  10. Pochi
  11. Hankouki
  12. Juunin Toiro
  13. Tamago
  14. Last Song -sei ver.-
  15. “Kimi to Watashi no Uta”

The first track of the album, misono Aji, serves as a kind of introduction to her album. It’s composed of a simple electric guitar and clapping, along with light drums. misono’s vocals are mostly playful, accompanied with sudden background vocals popping out here and there of her saying random words. It’s a good introductory track, but that’s it.

As soon as track 2 begins, we get the immediate style in which the album is directed in. Zasetsu Chiten starts with some VERY loud and strong rock sounds, which should be obvious as it’s the first of her rock type singles. I enjoyed this song a lot, as it never seems to let up. I especially liked how it got during the last minute. My favorite a-side in the album.

The next track, Ninin Sankyaku, which was also the last single for this album, continues the same rock formula but doesn’t present it as good as the last track. I can’t help but feel the misono’s vocals sound so strained and forced here, almost like shes running out of breath. The chorus doesn’t make them sound any better either, though when it finishes, it flows right through into the next verse, which is the better partnof the song. Either way, it’s still a nice song.

Gizagiza LIFE, the b-side to the Mugen Kigen single. It’s more toned down than the last two tracks but I just didn’t really like this song too much. There’s not really anything special about this song and misono’s vocals get a bit annoying during the chorus as well.

The next track was the b-side to the Zasetsu Chiten single, Black & White ~Kuroi Sunglasses Kaketa Hi Kara~ manages to keep the album in a slower, more distinct rock sound with it’s almost haunting beginning, which features distorted misono vocals. The verses are quite short, which compensates for how good they sound. During the chorus, the instrumental gets a lot louder, which is matched with misono’s louder vocals. My favorite b-side in the album.

Finally! An actual NEW full length song! Triangle manages to maintain it’s ground VERY well with the ton of old material found on the album. It begins with some repeating guitar rifts and misono’s low sounding vocals. The chorus an awesome job of making the whole song worth listening to. The song has a feeling of desperation, which is represented by the instrumental. The chorus is definitely the high point of the song. My favorite new track on the album.

Up next is Hot Time, it was released before her first album, never+land was released, but wasn’t featured on the album itself. This song can be considered the ballad of the album as it starts off with a soft electric guitar alongside a strong orchestral string arrangement. misono’s vocals are soft and tender during the first verse, as the piano plays beside her. The song gets less ballad like as the chorus arrive but than makes a u-turn when the actual chorus arrives, when the strings kick in, along with the drums and misono’s rising vocals. A very interesting track, mixing both rock sounds with an orchestrial arrangement.

Mugen Kigen, another a-side and the last of the three rock-style singles, brings the hard rock style back into the album with it’s loud and numerous sounding guitar work. The verses are taken lightly, with misono and an electric guitar, until more instruments kick in and the transition into the chorus kicks in, which just seems to flow very well. The chorus has a see-saw type sound from misono’s vocals. The song has a constant energy to it which never depletes.

Ojii-chankko Obaa-chankko Hinatabokko is a nice mid-tempo track that starts of with a piano which is later accompanied with an electric guitar. misono’s vocals are also at a mid-tone and sound quite natural. The verses are light on rock instruments, that is until the chorus kicks in, which features some strong rock sounds. The entire song has a mellow feel to it, which comes out quite good.

Up next is Pochi, the first official single of this album. It has repeated guitar rifts during the beginning, misono’s vocals and than the addition of more instruments as it gets longer. The chorus comes in suddenly with the common rock style, though misono’s vocals are quite good throughout this entire song. It should also be noted that a piano plays during some parts of the chorus, which adds a nice touch.

Hankouki, another new song, starts off with a bit of a punk rock sound, which is maintained throughout the song. The chorus is nice but the song can only be considered average.

The second of the three rock-style single, Juunin Toiro, begins with an interesting rock sound and actually sounds quite good, until misono’s vocals kick in. They seem to sound weak throughout the verses. They don’t get any better once the chorus kicks in. This song had a lot of potential but it was just executed very strangely.

Tamago has a soft rock sound to it, which is actually a welcome change. misono’s vocals are delivered nicely and match the feeling of the song. I did like the arrangement however. The chorus sounds really nice, while pumping up the instruments, doesn’t get totally out of the style of the song. One of the better new tracks, only after Triangle.

Last Song -sei ver.- is a rearranged version of the original song found as the b-side on the Mugen Kigen single, or so it’s supposed to be. The song is exactly the same minus a few more acoustic guitar sounds. It’s a slow tempo song featuring no rock sounds and overall, not too good.

The last song on the album is once again a slow tempo one. “Kimi to Watashi no Uta” starts with an acoustic guitar and misono singing along. Her vocals are just a tad bit loud for me during the chorus but is nice during the verses. A nice way to end the album but the track isn’t really memorable.

I was both upset and happy with misono’s Sei -say- album. If you don’t count the introductory track and the new version of Last Song, the album only has 5/15 new tracks. Having seen what happened with her last album, one would think they would include more new material this time around, but I see that isn’t the case. Either way, the album manages to maintain it’s rock sound throughout the entire album and the new tracks were actually pretty nice(three of them, anyway). If your looking for a nice rock album, Sei-say- is for you.

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  1. solarblade says:

    Yea, this album, is becoming my favorite rock album so far this yea

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