Morning Musume. – Kanashimi Twilight

Kanashimi Twilight

Kanashimi Twilight is Morning Musume.’s 33rd single and it was released on April 25, 2007. It reached #2 on the Oricon Weekly Charts and has sold 61,322 copies.


1. Kanashimi Twilight
2. Hand made CITY
3. Kanashimi Twilight (Instrumental)

Morning Musume。 continues its trend of diving into different musical styles than they ever have before and with Kanshimi Twilight the girls take on a punk rock roll, delivering what has been possibly the most aggressive, rock inspired song the group has ever(and probably will) released. The guitar chords, not only in that extremely memorable intro but in the whole song are essentially what makes this song so unique and overall impressive. The lines are distributed evenly between the girls, obviously giving priority to Ai and Miki. Hitomi, being the center of the song, has her own solo right after the instrumental break and fortunately, she nails it perfectly. Even if this song weren’t as catchy as it was, the rock style the girls took for this song make it worth the listen alone.

Hand made CITY opens with a pretty nifty instrumental but is ruined by the initial vocals from the girls. It has a nice thumping beat and an electric guitar along with a better line distribution than it’s a-side. While I can’t complain about the vocals, the music is what makes the song almost fall flat. The chorus sounds pretty nice but doesn’t manage to leave a good taste in your mouth since it’s immediately followed by that same ‘hook’ heard in the intro.

The girl’s 33rd single falls to the same formula that all H!P releases are prone to. A spectacular a-side and a less than pleasant b-side. This time around though, the a-side wasn’t just another typical catchy song, it was a career changing single for the group, being the last to include both Yoshizawa Hitomi and Fujimoto Miki and before JunJun and LinLin joined. If your planning to get your hands on this single, get it for its remarkable a-side. Hand made CITY is more of a die-hard fan’s song rather than something to introduce to a Momosu newbie.

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