Morning Musume. – Onna ni Sachi Are

Onna ni Sachi Are

Onna ni Sachi Are is Morning Musume.’s 34th single and it was released on July 25, 2007. It reached #2 on the Oricon Weekly Charts and has sold 50,812 copies.


1. Onna ni Sachi Are
2. Please! Jiyuu no Tobira
3. Onna ni Sachi Are (Instrumental)

Tsunku once again drives the girls into untouched territory with Onna ni Sachi Are, a pumping techno influenced track with heavy use of synth, untouched vocals and a very powerful chorus. This is the most the girls have ever sung such a synth heavy track and would actually be the first step into a new direction of music for them. Vocals this time were a bit iffy as Miki had her sudden leave before the single was released thus I’m supposing most/all of her songs went to the new leader as Ai absolutely owns this song left and right. JunJun and LinLin, as little their presence is in the single manage to sound pretty nice, although we only get one real solo line from each. Once again, taking a risk in their musical direction has pulled off.

I will never like the way Please! Jiyuu no Tobira starts off and I probably never will like the song enough to listen to it more than the 5 play counts it has. Your typical b-side instruments are included as always, some messy synth, a repetitive and uninteresting electric guitar and a forgettable melody. If anything saves this song it’s the girls extremely solid vocals and the solos during the chorus. Even the better line distribution from previous b-sides is missing as the only solos are done by the ‘girls who can sing'(Ai, Reina, Eri and Risa).

Once again the overall quality of the single is weighed down by its b-side. At least the song isn’t sleep-inducing ’cause at that rate I really would have zero care for it. It should also be warned that Ai is all over this single so if you have any problem with her voice/hate hearing her every five seconds than stay away form both tracks. Since Tsunku continues to use this synthy style with the girls, it’s nice to listen to the a-side to see the roots of their current style.

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