MY STORY was PUFFY’s 26th single. It was released August 6, 2008, sold 3,037 copies in it’s first week and was used as the Kanebo “Lavshuca” CM song.



2. Twilight Shooting Star

3. All Because Of You (DISCO TWINS Remix)

I actually really enjoyed MY STORY. The beginning starts with the girls singing together with some repeating guitar rifts and you can tell it’s going to get really loud. That’s when the chorus kicks in. It’s got a strong sense of rock but what impressed me the most was the post-chorus that lead into the next verse. It was extremely catchy and the background vocals throughout some parts of the song were quite great.

The b-side, Twilight Shooting Star, is a bit more constant on the rock sound and features some nice sounding verses with a very well made chorus, where the girls vocals are nicely showcased. It’s a great high energy song.

The DISCO TWINS Remix of All Because Of You adds a strange twist to the original American sounding rock song. The girls voices are a bit computerized/echoed and the background music is composed of synth and beats now. Not really a good remix.

MY STORY was a pretty great rock single from PUFFY. I could have done without the new remix of All Because Of You, but the other two songs more than make up for it.

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