Kalafina – sprinter / ARIA

sprinter / ARIA was Kalafinas’s 2nd single. It was released July 30, 2008, sold 13,833 copies in it’s first week, 17,646 overall and reached #10 on the charts. ARIA was used as the theme song for the fourth chapter of “Kara no Kyoukai”.


1. sprinter


3. oblivious -Instrumental-

I just love the way Kajiura Yuki starts off her songs. sprinter starts with the first verse right away, which tend to be short throughout the song, which is all the better to me as we get the chorus more that way. The chorus is an absolute masterpiece. The girl’s vocals are EXCELLENT and the instrumentals are a mixture of rock sound with fantastically played orchestra instruments. The chorus is nice and long, taking up most of the song, making the entire track an absolute pleasure to listen to.

ARIA, on the other hand, is the more artificial instrument inspired song. It starts mysterious and simple, which is what differentiates it from the first track.  The girls give off great background vocals during the voices and even more so during the chorus. That’s when some orchestra instruments kick in and feature the next verse with more sounds than the first. There’s a great little section a bit after the three minute mark which is followed by a chorus. The song is quite nice, but doesn’t pack the same punch that sprinter did.

Once again, another EXCELLENT release from Kalafina. I preferred sprinter over ARIA due to it’s more rock, faster sound but it really depends on personal taste as both tracks are of the up most highest quality. If you enjoyed their first single, than this one will more than please you.

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