Morning Musume. – Mikan


Mikan is Morning Musume.’s 35th single and it was released on November 21, 2007. It reached #6 on the Oricon Weekly Charts and has sold 38,667 copies.


1. Mikan
2. Bonkyu! Bonkyu! BOMB GIRL
3. Mikan (Instrumental)

With Mikan, Momosu offers us something we haven’t seen from them in a  very long time. Something very, very cute. You can’t get quite more pop than this songs instrumental and it honestly isn’t very interesting but it’s the other factors that make this song something enjoyable. Vocally, the girls are solid. It may suffer from them sounding too high pitched and squeaky in some parts(the hook and chorus) but the solos are nicely done. While the verses are fun, the chorus does an excellent job of pumping you up but it all eventually just fades out as nothing really happens after the chorus. Ignoring those small problems, the song is very adorable and catchy, even though it might take more time to grow on you than their previous singles. All in all, “LIFE IS ONE TIME!”.

In all honesty, Bonkyu! Bonkyu! BOMB GIRL delivers and it does it with lots of spunk! Proving to be on the higher tier of Momosu’s b-side collection the song makes actual good use of the typical Morning Musume。b-side elements(lots of brass) and wraps it all up in one catchy, fun, groovin’ song that just has you singing along in almost every part. I enjoyed the line distribution as they usually are better in non a-side tracks. Let’s not forget to mention Risa’s epic solo before the final chorus.

If it weren’t for a few fixes that could have been made to the a-side, this single would have been perfect. The b-side is something I think Tsunku should really stick with for future singles while leaving behind the a-sides concept, cute. It’s really something that doesn’t work as well with the current Momosu’s line up(a mature look works to their advantage).

Overall Rating



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