Buono! – Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!

Kiss! Kiss! Kiss! is Buono!’s 3rd single and it was released on May 14, 2010. It reached #4 on the Oricon Weekly Charts and has sold 36,675 copies.


1. Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!
2. Minna Daisuki
3. Kiss! Kiss! Kiss! (Instrumental)
4. Minna Daisuki (Instrumental)

Kiss! Kiss! Kiss! is the typical Buono! sound as it’s finest. It starts with some upbeat rock instruments followed by the first verse. The arrangement is very typical H!P, giving most attention to the chorus. The verses are fun and the girls all get around the same amount of lines. The chorus is a very well done, as the girls give a great vocal performance and the instruments get louder. It’s very upbeat and fast. After the second chorus, there’s a harmonica solo followed by the girls semi-whispering “Kiss!”. This is a great track.

The b-side, Minna Daisuki, while not being as rock as the first track, is more focused on the pop genre. It has fun sounding instrumentals and cute vocals from the girls, especially during the chorus, when they sing “HOP, STEP, JUMP”. This song isn’t as good as the a-side but is a nice listen either way.

Overall, Kiss! Kiss! Kiss! is a great release from Buono!, giving us one of the best a-sides released in H!P this year and a fun b-side, though I prefer Buono!’s other b-sides to it. I should mention that the PV is also absolutely cute and fun to watch.

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3 Responses to Buono! – Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!

  1. suhaila2nsj says:

    do u have kiss!kiss!kiss instrumental mp3!?..and can u send it to me the download link!?

  2. Jin says:

    I have it, but how do I send it to you? :P

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