Morning Musume. – Resonant Blue

Resonant Blue is Morning Musume.’s 36th single and it was released on April 16, 2008. It reached #3 on the Oricon Weekly Charts and has sold 55,949 copies.


1. Resonant Blue
2. Sono Bamen de Bibiccha Ikenai jan!
3. Resonant Blue (Instrumental)

Compared to other Morning Musume releases, Resonant Blue has a really old-school Momosu sound, while still sounding fresh and new. It starts with some funky sounds and Tsunku’s voice, followed by the girls singing “Cry Cry Don’t Cry”, which is repeated through various parts of the song. The verses are particularly long for a Momosu song and the chorus is extremely well done and catchy. Now let me say something, you won’t be enjoying this song at all if you really dislike Ai’s, Reina’s and/ or Kusumi’s(though she isn’t as noticeable) vocals as their pretty much the only ones who sing. The only time we ever hear anyone else is when Sayumi does her “HELP ME!” line, even though the other girls sing, but never in solo lines. Either way, it’s a great song.

You shouldn’t expect much from Sono Bamen de Bibiccha Ikenai jan!, as it’s a H!P b-side, which should give everything away. It has the always common brass instruments, but there not as annoying this time around. I was kind of reminded of Odore! Morning Curry(the b-side of the Aruiteru single) but that wore of as soon as the verses started. There’s a constant piano in the background, which is a nice change. Also, all the girls get at least one solo, so the line distribution is a lot better than the last song. The chorus is surprisingly inspirational, cute and really happy. A nice b-side, even though it does sound a bit common.

Resonant Blue was a fantastic single showing us the best of Morning Musume, both a-side and the b-side. Resonant Blue doesn’t let down the reputation of Morning Musume’s strong a-sides and Sono Bamen de Bibiccha Ikenai jan! does a nice job of not being total garbage. My only problem with the single was the line distribution for the main track, but it’s bearable.

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2 Responses to Morning Musume. – Resonant Blue

  1. Hexi says:

    No it’s not! T_T
    Can i shoot Takahashi yet? >w<
    I lok forward to your review of their newest single. i hope it’s better than Res. Blue in many ways, mainly line distribution! ^_^


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