WaT – Toki wo Koete ~Fantastic World~

Toki wo Koete ~Fantastic World~ was WaT’s 10th single. It was released April 23, 2008, sold 20,160  copies in it’s first week, 26,279 overall and reached #8 on the charts. Toki wo Koete ~Fantastic World~ was used for Universal Studio Japan’s “Fantastic World” commercial.


1. Toki wo Koete ~Fantastic World~

2. Hana Sakeba

3. WaT Kouhaku Selection

4. Toki wo Koete ~Fantastic World (Instrumental)

5. Hana Sakeba (Instrumental)

Toki wo Koete ~Fantastic World~ starts right off with it’s mediocre chorus.  The ending of it is nice, but the electric guitar that follows it is annoying. The verses are calm but manage to maintain upbeat with it’s combination of acoustic and electric guitar. The overall arrangement is pretty predictable and the song is pretty bland and forgettable, though it does make for an okay upbeat song and the boys vocals were pretty nice as well.

I much definitely enjoyed Hana Sakeba to the a-side. This track is more rock inspired and has catchier verses as well. The electric guitar is restless throughout the song and build up during the chorus, which is quite catchy and features non-stop vocals from the boys. The song has a basic arrangement, but at least it sounds good.

The third track is a medley of three songs the duo performed during Kouhaku 2007, made up of Awaking Emotion 8/5, Kimi ni Okuru Uta and Boku no Kimochi.

Overall, Toki wo Koete ~Fantastic World~ gives us a generic a-side that fails at being at all memorable and an above average, rock inspired b-side. The Kouhaku performance was a nice bonus, but it doesn’t really help in it’s rating.

Single Rating


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