alan – Sora Uta

Sora Uta was alan’s 4th single. It was released August 13, 2008. This single was based on the Sky element.


1. Sora Uta

2. My Stage

3. Sora Uta (Instrumental)

4. My Stage (Instrumental)

Compared to her previous singles, Sora Uta doesn’t stray far from what alan is known for releasing, but it is a step in a new direction. If it’s a good direction to be heading is another thing. The entire song has a very middle eastern sound(with the video featuring Siberian dancing) which is pushed along by the way alan uses her vocals during the verses and the different instruments used in the song. One of the most prominent is the harp. The chorus tends to not sound as middle eastern, however, due to the other instruments that kick in. Now, unlike alan’s last ballad like released, Sora Uta can be considered a mid-tempo pop song with that “alan” flare. It’s a really good song, but this would be the limit for me(in song style) for an alan release, she really can’t sound good to me now in something that isn’t like her previous songs.

My wishes were certainly not fulfilled with My Stage, a full on pop style totally different from alan’s other work. The song is very poppy and upbeat, although being mid tempo and having a very “home-y” feeling. alan’s vocals were not at all at her best in this song, which has like zero note holding. I was really disappointed with this song and really hope not to see something like it anytime soon, especially with her recently announced album for November.

Sora Uta featured a really great a-side typical of alan but lost a lot of it’s overall greatness thanks to it’s horrible anti-alan b-side. Some may actually like the song, but it wasn’t to my taste. The a-side is the only reason this single saved itself from barely obtaining a note lower than a four.

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One Response to alan – Sora Uta

  1. radiantdawn says:

    I looked at her article on wiki.theppn and I saw that her album was pushed a month up! I was so happy!

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