Aira Mitsuki – Colorful Tokyo Sounds NO.9

Colorful Tokyo Sounds NO.9 was Aira Mitsuki’s debut single. It was released August 8, 2007. The title track was used as the image song for the Japanese release of the Transformers movie.


1. Colorful Tokyo Sounds NO.9 (Original MIX)

2. Candy Light Mode

3. Colorful Tokyo Sounds NO.9 (LAVA’s Electrip Remix)

4. Colorful Tokyo Sounds NO.9 (Disco-Punk Remix)

5. Colorful Tokyo Sounds NO.9 (MP-3 Senyou Digital Mastering Ver.)

6. Colorful Tokyo Sounds NO.9 (Instrumental)

Colorful Tokyo Sounds NO.9 can definitely be compared to Nakata Yasutaka’s work with artists such as Perfume, MEG and Suzuki Ami. It features distorted vocals, a ton of beats and synth and overall catchy-ness. This song starts with Aira’s cute and funny sounding English vocals(distorted, of course) with some upbeat synth. The verses are really catchy and flow well into the chorus, which isn’t as strong as I imagined as it would be but it blends in well with the rest of the song. Soon after, Mitsuki begins repeating the tracks title “Colorfulu Tokyo Shounds Numbah Nine”. This is a really well composed and fun song.

Candy Light Mode is a lot more cuter than the last track, especially in the vocals, which include whispers and an overall cuteness from Mitsuki. The instrumentals are very repetitive, but it’s a good kind of repetition. The song starts right away with a part of the chorus, leading into the first verse. An interesting thing about this track is that it mixes acoustic guitar with synth, creating an overall unique and great sound.

Apart from it’s random first 3 seconds, Colorful Tokyo Sounds NO.9 (LAVA’s Electrip Remix) has some more of that acoustic guitar during the entire song, along with some extra synth that give the song a more “space-y” feel. The vocals also seem to be a lot less layered, almost not at all and are arranged in a different way, such as echoing or repetitions that weren’t in the original song. There’s also some nice piano composition during the instrumental break. I actually really like this mix and can easily be considered as an alternative to the original.

Colorful Tokyo Sounds NO.9 (Disco-Punk Remix) is the solution for fans who are looking for something a bit more repetitive and more club-friendly. There’s lots of stereotypical club/ dancing elements to be found in this that weren’t in the original. New synth is added(while other is removed) to give the song a feeling that it’s building up into something. It should be noted that this mix might be a bit too repetitive, as we never geta single verse, only variations of the chorus and of the words “Colorfulu Tokyo Shounds Numbah Nine”.

Colorful Tokyo Sounds NO.9 (MP-3 Senyou Digital Mastering Ver.) is a more headphone friendly mix to the original. It’s exactly the same song but some of the beats and synth are a bit more clearer and just the slighest bit more secondary to the vocals(this is the version I’ve added on my iPod).

Aira Mistuki’s debut single sounds so fresh even to this day. The main track was great and the mixes(which in most cases are usually weaker than the original) can easily be considered over the original. The b-side is a typical Electropop track that sounds nice either way. If your looking for a new Electropop artist or you don’t want to get into mainstream artists such as Perfume, than Aira Mitsuki is your girl.

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2 Responses to Aira Mitsuki – Colorful Tokyo Sounds NO.9

  1. Selryam says:

    o_O Didn’t they say the composer made this song sound like Perfume on purpose?

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