BoA – Vivid

Vivid is BoA’s 27th single and it was released on June 4, 2008. It reached #5 on the Oricon Weekly Charts and has sold 29,304 copies.


1. Kissing you
2. Sparkling
3. Joyful Smile
4. Kissing you (Instrumental)
5. Sparkling (Instrumental)
6. Joyful Smile (Instrumental)

The first track of this single, Kissing you, starts with some muffled piano and finger snapping, with BoA’s vocals kicking in. The song has a bit of an R&B touch, with a pop base. I didn’t really like the instrumental much, as it seemed indecisive in what genre it wanted to represent and sounded stacked and disorganized overall. BoA’s vocals sound nice, as does the chorus but the song isn’t really too memorable overall. If it had different instrumentals, than I could see myself liking this song.

Sparkling is easily the best song on the single. It begins with BoA accompanied with a piano, but then some beats and snyth come in, giving the song an entire new direction. BoA’s vocals sound great and are layered in certain parts to match the song more. The build up to the chorus is great as it’s extremely catchy and fun.

Joyful Smile immediately reminded me of Kissing you, but a lot better. There’s a guitar playing in the background, which makes the song sound better than the first due to it’s more upbeat and pop sounding instrumental. The song sounds pretty girl, mostly due to BoA’s vocals. This song sounded a bit to similar to the first one, except that it’s just better.

I was expecting a bit more from Vivid, honestly. Sparkling was a fun, upbeat and catchy track that really managed to shine through the other two generic songs. They aren’t completely bad, but one is crushed by its instrumental and the other just sounds like a better version of the same song. Probably not the best single that should get you into BoA(which, unfortunately, was my case) but long time fans will enjoy it.

Overall Rating



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    Wahh i feel so loved Thank you !!

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