GARNET CROW – Yume no Hitotsu

Yume no Hitotsu was GARNET CROW’s 27th single. It was released August 13, 2008. Yume no Hitotsu was used as the ending theme for the anime “Golgo 13”.


1. Yume no Hitotsu

2. Love Lone Star

3. Mijikai Natsu

4. Yume no Hitotsu (instrumental)

Yume no Hitotsu starts with some soft piano chords before the typical GARNET CROW sound comes in. Yuri’s low and beautiful vocals begin with the first verse which has a really light instrumental backing but slowly builds up until the chorus. The chorus is really pretty and Yuri manages to sing it perfectly, causing the guitars and keyboard to blend perfectly and continue that momentum straight into the next verse. This is your typical GARNET CROW song to the max.

Love Lone Star begins with some sad sounding keyboard sounds, along with an acoustic guitar. This song is really calm and quiet and frankly, a bit boring. Yuri’s vocals are made sure to only get stronger during the chorus, in which we can hear an electric guitar in the background. The chorus repeats twice before giving us a nice acoustic guitar solo followed by more chorus and surprisingly, no second verse. This song is okay. It has it’s strong points, but I don’t think the chorus is catchy to repeat as much as it was.

The second b-side, Mijikai Natsu, is the most rock inspired track on the single, beginning straight away with an electric guitar and drums. The verses include Yuri, an acoustic guitar, drums and keyboard. The electric guitars kick back in during the chorus and continues on until the next chorus(once again, there is no second verse).

Yume no Hitotsu was your typical GARNET CROW single release. It featured a nice a-side and some okay b-sides. You can’t expect GARNET CROW to have some crazy uppbeat all out type of song, but instead neatly arranged soft rock sings that are mostly dependent on Yuri’s vocals. Some of the songs could have been a but more catchy and it all sounds a lot like their old work.

Single Rating


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