Koda Kumi – MOON

MOON is Koda Kumi’s 40th single and it was released on June 11, 2008. It reached #2 on the Oricon Weekly Charts and has sold 138,743 copies.


1. Moon Crying♠♠
2. That Ain’t Cool feat. Fergie
3. Once Again
4. Lady Go!
5. Moon Crying (Piano Version)
6. Moon Crying (Instrumental)
7. That Ain’t Cool (Instrumental)
8. Once Again (Instrumental)
9. Lady Go! (Instrumental)

Moon Crying is your typical piano heavy Koda Kumi ballad. You really gotta like her voice to enjoy a ballad from her(due to the instrumentals taking such a secondary role in them). It starts with some piano and the first verse. It’s pretty much only piano and Kumi during the verses, which are very pretty may I add, and continue like this even until the chorus, where you can tell Kumi is still not giving her best vocal performance. Once the chorus finished, more instruments finally kick in, most notable, the acoustic orchestra. Two more chorus follow, with Kumi’s vocals only getting better after each one. A very pretty, standard Kumi ballad.

I really can’t stand That Ain’t Cool feat. Fergie. You HAVE to be a Fergie fan to enjoy this track as 80% of the vocals are Fergie and the rest are Kumi. It’s your standard synth heavy/ American sounding “sexy” song with a VERY repetitive chorus which could have proven catchy if Kumi actually sang in them. This song had a lot of potential, but it all went to waste.

Third on the single is Once Again, an island/ Caribbean sounding song with very nice vocals by Kumi, a calm atmosphere and a strong chorus. I didn’t really like this song at first but it really grew on me over time. It’s more b-side material, however.

The second best track on this album(or first for others) after Moon Crying is Lady Go!. It starts with some really great sounding techno-ish piano with some beats kicking in and then Kumi’s upbeat vocals singing the chorus, which is really catchy, fun and danceable. The verses don’t sound weak like a lot of Kumi’s work and manage to keep up the same energy level as the chorus. It’s a really great dance track that you should most definitely not miss.

The Piano Version of Moon Crying is the same track but using only the Piano as the main instrument. It’s a pretty listen, but I still prefer the original.

Kumi’s newest quadruple a-side really doesn’t seem like one. I can’t imagine her releasing but the first track as its own single itself due to their quality. Sure, two of them are nice(and one just completely blows) but they just lack a certain flare found in Kumi single releases. There are, however, a lot of different styles of music to be found in this single, meaning there will be something for everyone.

Overall Rating



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One Response to Koda Kumi – MOON

  1. Raid says:

    Agreed, agreed, agreed.

    That Ain’t Cool needs a loooooot of getting used to before it even becomes remotely listenable.

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