Mano Erina – Manopiano

Manopiano was Mano Erina’s 1st indies single. It was released June 29, 2008.


1. Manopiano

2. Manopiano (Instrumental)

Manopiano is a really sweet, mid paced piano tune with simple verses and chorus. The verses have a see-saw type of vocal style from Erina, whose vocals aren’t the best in the world, but for being her first release, their most definitely on level. She plays the piano herself, which is extremely catchy, especially during the beginning and breaks between chorus and next verse. Speaking of the chorus, it’s a tad bit annoying. It has her repeating(and holding) “Aitai yo” over and over again, which was a tad bit grating to the ears and was the low point of the song. Apart from this, the verses were really pleasant and the piano was really catchy and sweet.

I was a bit surprised by Mano Erina’s first release. After her work in Ongaku Gatas, I easily saw her as the Egg with the strongest voice, but in this release, I see that her voice is not really better than other Eggs, however, it’s enough to have gotten her recognized by Tsunku to become a soloist. I see a bright future for her and hope she continues with this type of music.

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