SUMMER SONG was YUI’s 13th single. It was released July 2, 2008, sold 83,440 copies in it’s first week, 108,825 overall and reached #1 on the charts. SUMMER SONG was aired on the last episode of “YUI LOCKS”.



2. Oh My God

3. Laugh away ~YUI Acoustic Version~

4. SUMMER SONG (Instrumental)

SUMMER SONG is such a great song. It’s one of the few YUI upbeat songs that I’ve heard and are really catchy. It, of course, starts off with acoustic guitars which lead into the first verse with YUI’s great vocals. The instrumental has drums included, giving the song the exact boost it needs to sound really summer-y. The chorus is absolutely wonderful as the song sounds as if everyone was having fun making this part, including YUI herself. An awesome, fun, acoustic track.

The nest song, Oh My God, has a different feeling with the background vocals singing “Ahh…”. The song also has an upbeat sound with pretty much the same instruments as the last track, except with some electric guitars and bass. The chorus is really great, most noticeable from YUI’s vocals, which manage to blend in perfectly with the overall song and single theme. The first chorus was a tad bit short however, and one can never have enough of a good thing. Luckily, the second chorus fixes just that and gives us plenty of more chorus and than some.

I really enjoyed the acoustic version of Laugh away. I was a fan of the original, so hearing this, which semi-focuses more on YUI’s vocals was an absolute treat for me. I really enjoyed the chorus as well.

SUMMER SONG is just the thing for you if your looking for upbeat acoustic tracks with a great vocalist. I liked all the tracks on the single but it wouldn’t have hurt to have a bit more variety in the instruments, although that would be ruining the whole idea of YUI’s releases, acoustic heavy songs.

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One Response to YUI – SUMMER SONG

  1. anagulica says:

    I love YUI, from this single I like Sommer song and Laugh away, both the songs and the videos are great! And Yui it’s adorable as always! I hope we’ll have more of her music soon!

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