Aira Mistuki – China Discotica

China Discotica was Aira Mitsuki’s first major single, and second overall. It was released March 5, 2008. The title track is considered a “respect song” for the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing.


1. China Discotica


3. China Discotica (Substance remix)

4. China Discotica (digital mp-3 mastering ver.)

5. China Discotica (instrumental)

China Discotica is almost five minutes of Electropop bliss. “Plastic Fantastic” are the first words that come out in total Engrish from Mitsuki and they sound extremely cute. The music keeps a close to high paced rhythm and thickens the layers of synth as the verses develop into the addictive chorus. This is a really high quality, catchy, fun and memorable song that I think EVERYONE should give at least one listen to, especially if their still trying to get into the Electropop genre. And yes, the song still resembles something Nakata Yasutaka would do.

The b-side, ROMANTIC ROPE, is a lot more chilled out, lounge type of song. It begins with the chorus that features non stop layered vocals and than moves onto the first verse. The song is very relaxing and never gets overloaded on synth, even though it is present during the whole song. The chorus does tend to repeat a bit too much during the end, especially when the lyrics are replaced by “Na na na”‘s. A nice, relaxing listen either way.

China Discotica (Substance remix) takes the original song and adds/removes synth in certain parts of the song while changing it’s arrangement. It begins with some synth that reminds you of space and all kind of galaxy related stuff. During the chorus, the instruments are very minimal, only some beats, but as it starts to develop into the chorus, we get the familiar synth again. This is an interesting mix, though I still preferred the original, I often find myself listening to it.

Similar to her first single, China Discotica (digital mp-3 mastering ver.) is a clearer version of the original, almost adding some finishing touches to make them more pleasant for the ears.

China Discotica was another fabulous single by Aira Mitsuki. The a-side was absolutely perfect and the mix offered a possible alternative to the original but not being as catchy. ROMANTIC ROPE served as a contrasting b-side and sounded good for the type of feeling it tried to show. If your looking to start anywhere with Mistuki, this is your single.

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