SUMMER TIME was NEWS’ 9th single. It was released May 5, 2008. It sold 201,266 copies in it’s first week, 257,705 overall and reached #1 on the charts. SUMMER TIME was used as the “Crymson/RUSS-K” CM song.




3. Baby! Be My Baby! (Regular Edition)

4. Liar (Limited Edition)

Starting with some relaxing, summer sounding keyboard, SUMMER TIME starts right away with it’s catchy chorus, while the boys still maintain a soft tone that begins to rise as the chorus lengthens. The verses are okay, though it does have it’s good parts. The summer features some brass instruments that help set the summer mood that the song manages to make. After the second chorus, there’s a pretty cool rap section followed by a solo chorus. It’s a pretty good song, nothing especially bad about it, but nothing spectacular about it either.

The b-side that’s featured on both editions, EASY COME, EASY GO, begins with some HARD guitar sounds, but those are quickly replaced by the pop sounding chorus. There is an electric guitar in the song(acoustic during the verses and electric during the instrumental breaks). The verses are pretty boring but the chorus is a nice listen. A pretty average b-side.

The regular edition only b-side, Baby! Be My Baby!, is a real pop/rock song, maintaining it’s rock sound throughout the entire song along with fast paced vocals and quick verses. The chorus is pretty catchy with it’s “Baby! Be My Baby!”. I much enjoyed this song over EASY COME, EASY GO.

I guess this single is a believer of saving the best for last as I found Liar to easily be the best b-side of the bunch. It begins with some muffled guitar chords which are than joined by more guitars and begin the first verse. The vocals are quick and fast paced, there’s no trace of pop in this song, it’s all rock. The verses are pretty catchy and the boy’s vocals match the style of song, hard rock with a touch of creepiness. The chorus starts abruptly and is extremely enjoyable with it’s “You are Liar!” notes. I much enjoyed this song over the other b-sides and the a-side itself.

I really wish I had a different single be my first NEWS listen. Not saying SUMMER TIME was bad, it’s just that it’s not as good as I was expecting something from NEWS to be. The a-side was pretty good, but 2/3 of the b-sides were forgettable while the other surpassed the a-side in quality. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a good listen, just not recommended for first time NEWS listeners.

Single Rating

~review dedicated to amaiyume~


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