Amuro Namie – 60s 70s 80s

60s 70s 80s is Amuro Namie’s 32nd single and it was released on March 12, 2008. It reached #1 on the Oricon Weekly Charts and has sold 293,097 copies.


4. NEW LOOK (Instrumental)
5. ROCK STEADY (Instrumental)
6. WHAT A FEELING (Instrumental)

Honestly, I was a little biased when I first listened to this single. The idea of each song including a sample of a well-known American song really threw me off. My only Namie listen before this single was her “PLAY” album(which I REALLY enjoyed, btw) so I really didn’t want to listen to anything that I thought would sound bad from her but I took a chance and gave each song a second listen.

The first track, NEW LOOK, representing the 60’s does indeed have a very 60’s sounding style. It starts with some cute keyboards and lots of background vocals, along with an opening intro by Namie and the first chorus. The verses are cute and catchy, they even include Namie singing internet sayings like “LOL” and “OMG”. This is a pretty good, fresh Namie song but it was also my least favorite in this single.

Things quickly look better with ROCK STEADY. This song represents the 80’s and does an excellent job doing it. The beginning begins with a muffled “Rock Steady” vocal followed by the first verse, which is extremely catchy. The hook from the verses to the chorus is great, actually, everything about this song is great. Honestly, I didn’t like this song as much before but it quickly captured me and is about equal to WHAT A FEELING. A highly recommended track.

Last but not least is WHAT A FEELING, representing the 90’s. This song is very synth and beat heavy, making it different from the last two songs. I just absolutely love everything from this song, its heavy intro, Namie’s trademark vocals, the incredibly catchy verses and the strong chorus. If your going to listen to any song from this single, this one should be it.

Having been my first official Amuro Namie single, 60s 70s 80s most definitely impressed me. I’m glad I had decided to listen to it as it’s one of the best singles this year so far. I highly recommend it if you’re wanting to get into Namie’s music.

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