CHOICE IS YOURS was AAA’s 4th mini-album and  boy’s first mini-album. It was released June 18, 2007. It sold 15,226 copies in it’s first week and reached #10 on the charts.


1. Crash

2. Hasta la vista


4. Crying Freeman

5. BET

6. Akireru Kurai Wagamama na Jiyuu

Beginning with some heavy synth and R&B sounds, Crash is easily the most aggressive and best song in the album. The verses actually sound really great and has a nice hook into the crazy chorus. The entire songs is mostly R&B but gets more rock in some parts, such as the chorus. Not only is the music very masculine but so are the lyrics which let you know that this album won’t be afraid of showing a different side of AAA now that it’s only the guys.

Beginning with some creepy movie type orchestra, Hasta la vista switches to some thumping, heavy R&B along with some nice sounding loud strings. It’s similar to Crash in terms of it’s genre of music except it’s not as fast paced and more R&B heavy. Another great listen.

ZAPPER is the most pop sounding album while still managing to sync in with the rest of the songs. It’s still R&B but a lot more pop than the last two tracks and not at all rock. It’s a pretty funky song but I didn’t really enjoy the vocals in this song, they sounded pretty weak.

Up next is Crying Freeman, a solo song by Atae Shinjiro(who happens to be my favorite member). We can tell from this song why he usually doesn’t get a lot of line. His singing voice isn’t really that great but it’s not terrible either. It just kinda seems to be missing “power” to it. This song is a more laid back R&B song with a relaxing instrumental.

BET is the more standard song on the album. It’s instrumental isn’t as powerful as Crash or Hasta la vista but the vocals sure were. I thought the rapping was a bit exaggerated though and there’s a lot of it in this song, kicking the singing into the secondary position. This song just kinda went by quickly.

Last but not least is Akireru Kurai Wagamama na Jiyuu, a ballad. It was strange to find a ballad upon all these aggressive tracks but it manages to fit in with it’s R&B influenced sounds(finger snapping, beats, etc…). The vocals were excellent in this song, showing us that the guys can even sound good when there being all sensitive.

I was iffy at first when listening to this album as I couldn’t imagine AAA without the girls. I was impressed by the high energy and genre the album managed to create and didn’t dislike any of the songs, though some were better than others. It was also nice to see my favorite member get the only solo song. Now why can’t AAA(w/ the girls) release a mini-album this good?

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One Response to AAA – CHOICE IS YOURS

  1. I’m really like this mini album without the girls member..
    I’m very like Akirerukurai wagamana jiyuu..
    because it’s like my message to someone…

    I think instrumental of zapper like instrumental michael jackson song..

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