Nakagawa Shoko – Brilliant Dream

Brillliant Dream was Nakagawa Shoko’s 1st single. It was released July 5, 2006. It sold 6,313 copies in it’s first week, 10,459 overall and reached #29 on the charts.


1. Brilliant Dream


3. Brilliant Dream -Original Karaoke-

4. O Edo ha Kaanibaru!

5. O Edo ha Kaanibaru! -Original Karaoke-

Immediately beginning with the chorus, Brilliant Dream is your common dance based anime sounding song. This is definitely one of the more sugar filled songs I’ve heard from an artist before, with it’s cute vocals and upbeat, sparkly synth. Shouko’s vocals sound pretty normal, she hasn’t the best singing voice ever but it’s more than listenable. The song is pretty standard, the music is pretty good but the song didn’t prove to be too memorable or catchy to me. The instrumental break after the second chorus was pretty nice though.

CAT LIFE proved to be a much more enjoyable listen than the a-side. There are indeed references of cats throughout this dance based song(with Shouko even saying “Meow!” during the instrumental break), though it has a more pop sound and the synth is more in the background next to an electric guitar. It begins with the pretty catchy chorus and leads right into the first verse. The song maintains a high energy throughout it’s whole 3 and a half minute length and was a lot more memorable than Brilliant Dream.

O Edo ha Kaanibaru! is a really interesting listen… It begins with some edo sounding instrumentals that actually sound pretty good and are quite fun to listen to, but than the vocals kicked in. This isn’t Shouko, instead it’s a man! This just totally killed the song for me. Really, this song has a great instrumental track and the vocals aren’t bad, I’m sure anyoen would enjoy because it really is a good song, it’s just that the voice didn’t at all suite my taste.

Shouko’s debut single proved to be a pretty safe release. Brilliant Dream and CAT LIFE were dance based pop songs but weren’t particularly awesome in any way. O Edo ha Kaanibaru! is just kinda there for me, I would have enjoyed it if Shouko had sang it. Not one of the best debut singles I’ve seen from an artist but it gives Shouko a lot of room for improvement.

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