Nakagawa Shoko – Shokotan☆Cover ~Anisong ni Koi wo Shite.~

Shokotan☆Cover ~Anisong ni Koi wo Shite.~ was Nakagawa Shoko’s 1st mini-album. It was released May 2, 2007. It sold 12,579 copies in it’s first week and sold 31,501 overall. Shouko covers some of her favorite anime songs in this mini-album.


1. Romantic Ageru yo

2. Otome no Policy

3. BIN.KAN Rouge

4. Zankoku na Tenshi no Thesis

5. Seishun

Romantic Ageru yo has a pretty interesting sound to it. It’s basically anime sounding J-pop but what I really liked about it was Shouko’s vocal performance. I enjoyed the was she made her voice sound during the verses and the chorus was interesting and memorable. I liked how the electric guitar played after the first chorus instead of leading directly into the next verse. This is a pretty nice pop song with both rock and orchestra sounds in some parts of the song. It was the ending theme to “Dragonball”.

I’m surprised I never heard Otome no Policy before as it’s the “Sailor Moon R” ending and I claim to be a big Sailor Moon fan(show’s how much I know). This song has that Sailor Moon flare to it but really doesn’t prove to be all that interesting. I thought Shouko’s vocals sounded a bit strange here, kinda like if she were trying to sing more quietly.

BIN.KAN Rouge is an insert song to the “Creamy Mami” anime. It starts with some piano and than is joined by drums and typical anime strings and electric guitar. Once again, this song didn’t appeal to me much. I enjoyed the verses more to the chorus, which was pretty plain and honestly, boring.

Yay! A song I recognize! I don’t think anyone hasn’t heard Zankoku na Tenshi no Thesis before. It’s the opening to the popular anime “Evangelion”. I was a fan of the original, so having Shouko sing it was even better. It starts with her singing the chorus without any instruments and than she begins the first verse with soft rock and nice background vocals accompanying her. My favorite track from the album.

Last up is the second ending theme to the anime “Touch”, Seishun. It begins with some pretty jazzy piano and background vocals, followed by the first verse. It’s a slow pop song, on the verge of being a ballad and one of the better tracks on the album. I enjoyed the chorus in this song as well.

I can honestly say I wasn’t very impressed with Shouko’s first mini-album. Being made up of covers, it had the potential to have a lot of great songs(which this album only had one of) but it could also have been a lot worse. Either way, Shouko’s vocals have definitely seen an improvement from her first single and were getting to see her sing in different types of genres.

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One Response to Nakagawa Shoko – Shokotan☆Cover ~Anisong ni Koi wo Shite.~

  1. noahfurlani says:

    I know Zankoku na Tenshi no Thesis; I absolutely LOVE Neon Genesis Evangelion. Technically, that was my first J-Pop song. ——can’t believe Shokotan covered it!

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