Nakagawa Shoko – Strawberry melody

Strawberry melody was Nakagawa Shoko’s 2nd single. It was released February 14, 2007. It sold 10,023 copies in it’s first week, 15,784 overall and reached #15 on the charts. Strawberry melody was used as the “Pokemon Sandee” and “TBS’ Wanagona” theme song.


1. Strawberry melody

2. Pokemon Nari Kiri Sandee

3. Dear my saint-girl

4. Strawberry melody (Original Karaoke)

Compared to her first single, Strawberry melody is a step in a different direction. It’s free of any dance sounding instrumental and is a more light pop sounding song. It’s actually quite refreshing and simply cute. It’s full of light melodies and beats and has better sounding vocals from Shouko. The verses are pretty listenable and the chorus is quite charming. This is a pretty basic and simple song that was executed well.

Pokemon Nari Kiri Sandee is indeed quite interesting… It has a strange combination of instruments, ranging from some brass to come 8-bit sounding noises. You’ll constantly hear Pokemon related lyrics such as “Pikachu” and such. It’s difficult to categorize this song but it can be related to pop at the most. I didn’t really enjoy this song and found it hard to listen to.

Dear my saint-girl is a cover of the original song by Matsuda Kiyoko. It’s a positive sounding, piano driven slow pop song. It’s pretty relaxed and a different sound from Shouko.

Strawberry melody brought to us a different sound from Shouko and was an improvement from her first single. However, it was still a safe release and none of the tracks were very impressive, they weren’t bad, however, minus Pokemon Nari Kiri Sandee.

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