TOKYO FRIEND☆SHIPS was SHIPS’ 1st single. It was released June 25, 2008. It sold 1,631 copies in it it’s first week  and reached #69 on the charts.



2. half of dream

3. TOKYO FRIEND☆SHIPS (Instrumental)

TOKYO FRIEND☆SHIPS is your typical sounding pop/rock song. I have to be honest though, these boys don’t have the best vocals ever. Their bearable, but just barely. The song is actually pretty catchy and upbeat, maintaining it’s rock sound well throughout the song. I would of like it if the boy’s had more duet lines instead of a bunch of solos, they sound better like that. Either way, it’s an enjoyable listen but your either gonna love or hate it depending on the vocals(or if you just don’t like what a male H!P group would be).

Beginning with some brass(typical H!P, again, but their not even in H!P!) half of dream actually proves to be an enjoyable listen. It’s not as rock as the a-side but instead a more mid-tempo pop song. Again, there’s too many solo lines but they do sing together during the nice chorus. It should be noted that their vocals sound better in this song than in the first track.

Upon first hearing about the formation of this group, I couldn’t have cared less but upon actually watching the PV, I really enjoyed the song(this group was actually my first step into non-female made music) and it’s b-side. I’m hoping they release another single and improve their vocal skills.

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