MUSIC!!! / ZERØ was AAA’s 19th single. It was released August 27, 2008. ZERØ was used as the opening theme for the anime “World Destruction” and Crash [Extended version] was used as the theme song for the Nintendo DS game “World Destruction”.


1. MUSIC!!!


3. Crash [Extended version]

4. MUSIC!!! (Instrumental)

5. ZERØ (Instrumental)

This first a-side of this single as the fun pop song MUSIC!!! It begins with some very lighthearted instrumentals(including some nice sounding piano) then the groups begins singing with their happy sounding vocals. Each member gets a least one solo line in the song(some more than others, obviously) and there are both singing and rapping sections. I didn’t find the rapping sections that annoying either as they were actually pretty catchy(and Shinjiro makes me laugh during the rap from the second verse, he sounds so strange). The chorus is really fun and refreshing and I especially enjoyed the girl’s singing parts. After the second chorus comes a pretty hefty rapping section by Mitsuhiro and the final chorus. There’s really nothing I didn’t dislike about this song. The instrumental had a great piano throughout the entire song and it just helped set the happy, fun mood the song was portraying.

Starting right off with some powerful synth, ZERØ is a heavy dance sounding pure rock song. Nissy’s vocals are heavely layered during the first verse and they actually sound pretty good. The rock doesn’t really kick in until the chorus, where it comes into full force and is pretty intense. The song does a great job of giving off a feel of desperation and feeling trapped(which is portrayed in the PV). Immediately after the first verse+chorus, we get the same thing, except this time it’s sung by Urata. After that, Uno gets her solo and than rapping by Hidaka and finally the last two chorus by Urata and Nissy respectively. I first heard this song from it’s PV and it was a mere three minutes, so I was glad to see the full song was 3:50 long. This is a great rock song and I can’t choose between either a-side as my favorite.

Don’t let Crash [Extended version]‘s name throw you off(like it did with me). The song is 4:15 long, only around 25 seconds longer than the original track that appeared on the boy’s only CHOICE IS YOURS mini-album. The song is essentially the same with the same vocals and instrumental, except there’s been a few parts added and a tad bit different arrangement. You only start to see the new material in this song at the 2:30 mark where some new singing lines were added. I guess it was an okay change to the original song, not drastic enough but either way it’s a great song.

Similar to AAA’s other double a-sides, MUSIC!!! / ZERØ featured the best of two worlds; an incredibly happy sounding pop song and a hardcore rock fest. They always tend to have one pop and one rock song, but I don’t think AAA has done it better than they did with these two tracks. They are both of the up most quality and I really recommend this single to newcomers. I would of preferred a normal b-side or a more drastic change to the original Crash, so that was the only bad part about the single.

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