BONNIE PINK – A Perfect Sky

A Perfect Sky was BONNIE PINK’s 21st single. It was released June 28, 2006. It sold 38,440 copies in it’s first week, 133,315 overall and reached #5 on the charts. It is currently BONNIE PINK’s most successful single.


1. A Perfect Sky

2. Free

3. interlude -siesta-

4. A Perfect Sky (instrumental)

A Perfect Sky begins with the chorus featuring a limited instrumental and than makes its way into the first verse. The music is very summer-y which is the main theme of this single. I had never heard Kaori’s vocals before and upon hearing them I was quite impressed. There not too powerful and have just the right amount of vibrato to them. The verses weren’t really memorable but the chorus was fun to listen(and sing along) to. A nice summer themed song.

Beginning with some fast paced samba type sounds, Free is a lounge type song that proves to be a really easy to listen to song. I liked the piano in the background and thought that the chorus was really well put together. This song reminds me of some kind of hot summer night seated in a bar(no idea why though). I slightly enjoyed this song over the a-side but that’s just personal taste coming in, both songs are great.

interlude -siesta- serves as an interlude(duh) to the instrumental version of A Perfect Sky. All it is is the sound of a beach shore with random acoustic guitar chords here and there. It’s pretty relaxing and fits the theme of the single but it was kinda unnecessary none-the-less.

A Perfect Sky was a fun summer single with two different ways to present it. You have your typical summer pop song and a lounge sounding jazzy track. Being my first BONNIE PINK single, it was a nice single and I’m looking forward to listening to more of her music.

Single Rating

~review dedicated to Selyram~


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One Response to BONNIE PINK – A Perfect Sky

  1. Selryam says:

    Hah, I see you liked this single a lot more than I do now. xDD

    Glad to see you’re enjoying BONNIE so far!

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