Nakagawa Shoko – snow tears

snow tears was Nakagawa Shoko’s 4th single. It was released January 30, 2008. It sold 26,068 copies in it’s first week, 43,450 overall and reached #2 on the charts.


1. snow tears

2. Kimi ni Meroron

3. Winter Wish

4. snow tears – TV Mix- (Limited Edition)

4. snow tears -Instrumental- (Regular Edition)

snow tears begins with some very pretty piano work and quickly reveals it’s true sound when drums and electric guitar all play next to a pretty string arrangement. Acoustic guitar accompanies Shouko during the verses, giving this power ballad a really great instrumental. And talk about improved vocals! Shouko’s singing sounds better than ever, I don’t know if it’s if she had more vocal training or that she just sounds better singing a ballad but either way, her voice is a lot more pleasant now. This is a great ballad(and the only so far from Shouko) that builds up nicely to the strong chorus and served great as a winter track. One of my favorite Shouko songs.

Kimi ni Meroron begins with what sounds like a lounge type beating next to a pretty piano and some light chimes. Shouko begins with the repetitive chorus repeating “MeroMero” and isn’t really too nice to hear. This is a safe, light and relaxing song. The instrumental break was pretty nice for it’s French sounding instruments.

Being another ballad, Winter Wish is not as rock as the a-side and really not as powerful. The verses were pretty boring but the chorus was a nice listen as Shouko’s vocals got a lot more interesting to listen to and the instruments stood out more. This is an interesting ballad but it does sound like b-side material. Compared to snow tears, it lacks anything that makes it really stand out and I thought it dragged on a bit too much, being 6:33 in length.

Shouko’s 5th single served as a really great winter single. The tracks managed to stay in the same zone of feeling, relaxing and light. It was refreshing ot hear a ballad form her and she really managed to execute it well. The b-side material was also okay but it was the a-side that shined most from Shouko’s other releases.

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