BONNIE PINK – Anything For You

Anything For You was BONNIE PINK’s 22nd single. It was released March 28, 2007. It sold 12,765 copies in it’s first week, 19,900 overall and reached #9 on the charts.


1. Anything For You

2. Love Song (UC a.k.a DJ UPPERCUT REMIX) (m-flo loves BONNIE PINK)

3. Anything For You (Instrumental)

Anything For You begins with some interesting instrumentals to say the least. The acoustic guitar is most noticeable but so is this strange sounding synth… I still can’t decide if I like Kaori’s vocals in this. There a lot higher and squeakier than I’m used to hearing them but I guess they fit into the whole strange sound of the song. It’s technically a pop song with some rock sound to it and it just sounded out of synch the whole time, especially the chorus.

Love Song (UC a.k.a DJ UPPERCUT REMIX) isn’t that different than the original in terms of music and vocals but it does have a different arrangement in some parts. I hadn’t listened to the original before but I still didn’t enjoy the song that much. The rapping parts were annoying and too many in number. The song however did have a nice instrumental to it.

This was indeed a very strange single… I thought a lot more effort could have been put into the a-side as it sounded very awkward.A proper b-side would also have been nice along with the remix of Love Song.

Single Rating

~review dedicated to Selyram~


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