Water Me was BONNIE PINK’s 23rd single. It was released June 6, 2007. It sold 15,125 copies in it’s first week, 31,269 overall and reached #8 on the charts. Water Me is the theme for the Fuji TV drama “Watashi-tachi no Kyoukasho”, Gimme A Beat was used as the “Nissan Moco” CM song and MAGICAL MYSTERY TOUR was used as the NHK TV show “Eigo de Shabera Night”.


1. Water Me

2. Gimme A Beat


4. Water Me (instrumental)

5. Gimme A Beat (instrumental)

I’ve been anxious to hear a ballad from BONNIE PINK and I was finally granted my with with Water Me, the mystical and emotional piano driven ballad. Instruments are pretty minimal in this song, mostly piano throughout the song  and strings during the chorus. The song is pretty standard but it sounds pretty and atypical enough to make it enjoyable. There’s traces of rock during the instrumental break which added an eerie feeling to the song. I quite enjoyed this song and like Kaori’s voice as it is portrayed in a ballad.

The string and rock hybrid, Gimme A Beat serves as an almost summer sounding pop song with a tropical feel. This song can also be considered pretty relaxing but isn’t too noteworthy overall.

The second b-side, MAGICAL MYSTERY TOUR is actually a cover of The Beatles’ song of the same name. I’m guessing the original sounded a lot better than this as this sound just sounds out of synch, disorganized and just weird. Kaori’s vocals sound bored and ugly in this song which really threw me off, although the instrumental itself is quite interesting.

The title track proved to be my most enjoyable BONNIE PINK listen so far but the b-sides were also my least favorite listen from her. She’s yet to give off a noticeably good single and her album review is up next. It’ll be interesting which songs she decides to put into the album.

Single Rating

~review dedicated to Selyram~


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6 Responses to BONNIE PINK – Water Me

  1. tranQuilla says:

    Why is everyone reviewing so much Bonnie Pink? XD

    She’s had better singles – this one really sucked IMO.

  2. Jin says:

    She was requested, that’s why I’m reviewing her. :P
    But I like her music, okay?! D:
    Maybe you can request some music you like. ;)

  3. tranQuilla says:


    You don’t need to get aggressive. I think you misunderstood what I meant. I wasn’t referring to you specifically about the Bonnie Pink reviews. I was just wondering why everyone (not just you) had a sudden interest in Bonnie Pink because I’ve noticed a lot of sudden reviews on her stuff.

  4. lmfao. Well my reviews were bound to happen one day. It just happened when a bunch of other people were reviewing her too, which I find absolutely hilarious. XD

    … on a side note, I don’t remember what Water Me sounds like. I guess that’s a bad thing. XD

    – Megs

  5. Jin says:

    @ tranQuila: Whoops, guess I sounded a little to aggressive in my post. ^-^’ My bad. XD But I’ve been listening to her album for this early and I’m not getting good vibes. <-<

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