Nakagawa Shoko – Big☆Bang!!!

Big☆Bang!!! was Nakagawa Shoko’s 1st album. It was released March 19, 2008. It sold 32,612 copies in it’s first week, sold 49,976 overall and reached #5 on the charts.


  1. We can do it!!
  2. Sorairo Days
  3. Koi no Kioku
  4. snow tears
  5. Brilliant Dream -shoko☆planet mix-
  6. Fruit Punch
  7. Strawberry Melody
  8. pretty please chocolate on top
  9. calling location
  10. happily ever after
  11. starry pink
  12. Sukashikashipan Sukoshi Hen?

Big☆Bang!!! starts off with a bang(duh) with We can do it!!. Featuring a great mixture of pop and rock, this upbeat and fun track sets the general mood of the album perfectly and keeps you entertained throughout all of it’s almost 4 minutes, especially with it’s catchy and memorable hook, great chorus and happy lyrics.

Maintaining the momentum of the first track, Sorario Days is the next rock song to be featured and the first single song. I liked it’s placement in the album as it’s one of her better and more memorable songs.

The next track is the more calm and mellow rock song Koi no Kioku. It’s pretty easy on the instruments  and has pretty chill verses and a nice sounding chorus on Shouko’s part. I enjoyed her vocals in this song as well though it wasn’t one of the better new tracks.

I thought snow tears was placed well after the last track as the album takes a more slower tone. I still really love this song and is my favorite Shouko song by far. It’s a beautiful rock ballad with great vocals.

Brilliant Dream -shoko☆planet mix- is defiantly a step up from the original as it seems to blend in a lot better. The song itself is a lot more electropop than usual and features a different arrangement and sounds but the most noticeable difference is Shouko’s vocals which are heavily distorted to match the song type. I much enjoyed this over the original.

Up next is the brass heavy cute song Fruit Punch. This is a pretty standard song with Shouko’s common pop style and okay sounding verses. It does get better as the hook comes in and the happy chorus begins. Other than that, it’s not that great of a song, but not bad either.

Strawberry melody made a nice transition from the last track, keeping the cute pop style intact. This is a cute midtempo song and one of the longer tracks on the album at a little over 5 minutes.

The fast paced pretty please chocolate on top is up next with it’s silly sounding instrumentals and cutesy jazzy sound. The verses aren’t too special but the chorus is pretty nice due to Shouko’s fun and fast vocals. I also liked the part after the chorus. One of the better new songs.

Turning back into the rock sound, calling location is a rock heavy track with more mellow sounding vocals from Shouko. The song picks up once it reaches the chorus which is actually very pleasant to the ears and had a nice sound to it. I really do prefer Shouko’s rock songs to her pop ones and this track is only further proof of that.

If there were any of Shouko’s b-side that I would have liked to make it in the album, happily ever after would have been #1 on the list. It continues the rock sound from the next track but gives it a lighter tone. A nice addition to the album.

I was glad to see starry pink, a ballad, on the album. After snow tears, I had been really anxious to get another ballad from her. The song is mainly piano driven during the verses and the first chorus but once those are done, string instruments are added into the song, along with some slow, soft beats. It did take me a few listens to like the song but it really is a nice ballad.

The last track is the silly country sounding, acoustic guitar driven Sukashikashipan Sukoshi Hen? This truly is a silly song due to the silly vocals from Shouko that she sings alongside some male ones and the interesting guitars. This sure was an interesting way to end the album.

Big☆Bang!!! proved to be a very solid debut album from Nakagawa Shouko. Only 5/12 songs were older songs and one of them was a remix so that gave us 8 brand new songs. Honestly, some of the new songs could have been a bit more interesting but strong single songs and nice album arrangement make this a fun listen.

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