Nakagawa Shoko – Shiny GATE

Shiny GATE was Nakagawa Shoko’s 5th single. It was released August 6, 2008. It sold 13,564 copies in it’s first week, 16,804 overall and reached #8 on the charts.


1. Shiny GATE

2. To Be Free

3. Sekidou Komachi DOKII

4. Shiny GATE -Instrumental-

Starting with the high impact chorus, Shiny GATE is an inspirational sounding pop song with traces of electric guitar and constant beeping sounds. This song is very fresh sounding with it’s hybrid of sounds and Shouko’s nice vocals(which have improved a lot since her first single). The chorus is easily the best part of the song mostly because of the way Shouko sings it. There’s also clapping after the chorus which was an interesting touch.

The first b-side is To Be Free, a light and easy pop song with light piano chords and simple vocals from Shouko. This song didn’t really manage to catch my attention and I thought it dragged on a bit too much at 5 minutes long. Not a bad song but a bit boring.

Sekidou Komachi DOKII manages to be a more interesting listen due to it’s more intense pop sound and faster pace. Shouko’s vocals were also a lot more interesting to listen to and the chorus had a lovely melody to it.

Shiny GATE made for an average post-album single. It’s another one of her pop songs but with a higher quality to it, although this time instead of having good b-sides, they were of a bit less quality. The title track is still enjoyable though.

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