BONNIE PINK – Thinking Out Loud

Thinking Out Loud was BONNIE PINK’s 9th album. It was released July 25, 2007. It sold 53,605 copies in it’s first week, 97,918 overall and reached #5 on the charts.


  1. Gimme A Beat
  2. Broken hearts, citylights and me just thinking out loud
  3. Burning Inside
  4. Nagusami Blue
  5. Imagination
  6. A Perfect Sky (Philharmonic Flava)
  7. lullaby
  8. Sakamichi
  9. Water Me
  10. Catch The Sun
  11. Chances Are
  12. Anything For You

I’m always a little skeptical when an album begins with a song that was released earlier, especially when I saw that it was Gimme A Beat. I must say, however, that I’ve really grown to respect this song a lot more now that it starts off the album. I don’t think it was the best opener though.

The first new track is Broken hearts, citylights and me just thinking out loud, which begins with the sound of a random city. The song begins and it’s kinda… plain. The instruments are pretty minimal, drums a bit electric guitar and bass, that’s it. This song kinda sounded disorganized to me and wasn’t really memorable, not to prove boring. It sounded as if it was unsure which genre of music to be.

Beginning with some brass, Burning Inside already sounds a lot better than the last track. It seems the album is trying to focus on more natural instruments, which I’m not really enjoying yet. The chorus doesn’t sound too different from the verse and the song itself is an average listen though it does have a nice hook after the chorus.

Nagusami Blue begins with some basic instrumentals and a very strange arrangement. The song isn’t really good until the chorus comes in, I really liked the melody and this song manages to be a relaxing listen, even though I didn’t enjoy some of the instruments used.

Imagination is one of the more rockier songs on the album, it even includes English vocals from Kaori, which are layered. This song was awkward to me and I didn’t enjoy it at all.

A Perfect Sky (Philharmonic Flava) is actually an interesting twist to the original. It begins with an orchestra arrangement along with the same vocals from the original, giving the song a ballad feel. I really liked the instrumental but I just thought they didn’t fit the vocals, as their the same from the original, they don’t sync in together. About half way through the song, theirs a nice transition from the ballad to the original mix of the song which I thought was pretty cool.

The last song only managed to disappoint me in my search for a ballad and lullaby seems to be my only hope. There’s only light drums and an acoustic guitar at first but than the song takes a bad turn and we get the same awkward instruments from all the other songs, totally ruining my hope for a ballad. Another plain song that just passes by…

Now this is actually one of the tracks I kinda liked. Sakamichi features a pretty interesting instrumental, staying within the pop/rock zone but never drifting to either too far. It’s pretty average really, but the fact that the instrumentals manage to sound good here gives me some chance to enjoy a song, for once.

Water Me comes in just in time to save this album! Although the singles for this era weren’t particularly strong, this track manages to stand out as Kaori’s best ballad(and really the only one).

Things continue to look up with the happy, upbeat song Catch The Sun. Crappy instrumentals don’t allow me to enjoy the song as much as I wanted to but it’s a fresh sounding track within all these disasters.

OMG! It’s slow! Chances Are is actually a ballad! And it’s completely in English! Okay well, I’m getting a bit excited about this song. I’ve been really anxious for another good Kaori ballad and this song manages just that. It’s an acoustic guitar driven song that gets better during the second verse when an acoustic orchestra is added in the background.

I was glad to see something familiar to me in the album. Anything For You, as much as I didn’t enjoy it as a single, fits a lot more in this album and makes for a really nostalgic track. I’ve grown to like this song a lot better also, it’s just too bad that the album actually gets good when it already finishes.

I’m not sure what it was about Thinking Out Loud that I disliked so much. The singles in the era weren’t the strongest but I did enjoy them and they’re the strongest part of the album but it could also have been the strange instruments throughout the album, all sounding TOO natural and awkward. Or it could of been the album’s lack of genre as it seemed to be indecisive between rock and pop. Some of the new tracks were enjoyable but most of them stunk. Probably not the best album to get you into BONNIE PINK…

Album Rating

~review dedicated to Selyram~


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  1. Selryam says:

    Wow, opinions really seem to differ when it comes to this album, eh?

    Great series of reviews, and thanks for doing them! Sorry if I haven’t done much MEG, but I should be able to get them done in the next day or two!

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