Nakagawa Shoko – Tsuzuku Sekai

Tsuzuku Sekai was Nakagawa Shoko’s 6th single. It was released September 10, 2008. It sold 32,906 copies in it’s first week, 43,363 overall and reached #5 on the charts. Tsuzuku Sekai was the theme song for the theatrical feature “Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann”.


1. Tsuzuku Sekai

2. Through The Looking Glass

3. Tsuzuku Sekai -instrumental-

4. Sorairo Days feat. 8bit Project -spiral Chiptune Mix-

Tsuzuku Sekai begins with some pretty ethereal sounding instrumentals but that doesn’t last too long until some really heavy rock instruments kick in. I was glad that Shouko decided to release a rock song instead of a pop song as those are my favorite songs form her. Her vocals are pretty deep in the song and just sound really great form her earlier releases, she really has managed to improve. The instrumentals sound pretty American during the verses but during the chorus sound exactly like an anime opening. The song ends with the same ethereal instrumentals as it began with. I really enjoyed this song, not as memorable as Sorario Days, but still a memorable heavy rock track with great vocals.

The b-side to this single is the lighter toned pop track Through The Looking Glass. The beginning instrumentals are actually very positive sounding and put you in a good mood, which I enjoyed. Compared to the last track, Shouko’s vocals are a lot higher and cutesy, fitting the instrumental just right. The verses themselves aren’t really memorable but the chorus has a catchier melody that gives the song it’s necessary oomph factor. Overall, true b-side material.

I was excited to see a remix of Sorario Days on here but Sorairo Days feat. 8bit Project -spiral Chiptune Mix- was something I wasn’t expecting AT ALL. The original instrumental is COMPLETELY replaced by video game type sound effects and noises, creating an instrumental in itself. I was also surprised by Shouko’s vocals due to them being layered to exactly match the instrumental. I wouldn’t listen to this song much if it weren’t that the original was so good.

Tsuzuku Sekai proved to be one of Shouko’s better efforts yet. The a-side brought to us what she best releases, rock music, but while not on par with Sorario Days, it proves to be a great listen and is backed up with a solid pop b-side and an abnormal remix of Sorario Days. Even though it’s not my favorite a-side from hers, this is her best overall single yet.

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2 Responses to Nakagawa Shoko – Tsuzuku Sekai

  1. Raphael says:

    Hey! im a big fan of ur music and cosplay and ive recently got into anime and i was wondering if u could give me some pointers of what i should watch?

  2. Jin says:

    Well, I’m not a big fan of anime, but there are a few that I do enjoy…
    I like the .hack series a lot, also Kirarin Revolution and Shugo Chara!. :3

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