Otsuka Ai – Kurage, Nagareboshi

Kurage, Nagareboshi was Otsuka Ai’s 18th single. It was released September 10, 2008. It sold 34,118 copies in it’s first week, 42,711 overall and reached #4 on the charts. This single celebrates her 5-year anniversary as an artist.


1. Kurage, Nagareboshi

2. H20

3. Ame no Tsubu, Waltz ~LOVE MUSiC~

4. Kurage, Nagareboshi (Instrumental)

5. H20 (Instrumental)

If you ask me to compare Kurage, Nagareboshi to any other of Otsuka Ai’s releases, I’d immediately tell you Planetarium and Kingyo Hanabi. Kurage, Nagareboshi is one of Ai’s trademark extremely epic ballads that just blow you away. I really was extremely impressed with this song, everything about it is absolutely amazing. The beautiful piano and orchestra that open up the song lead perfectly into Ai’s soothing vocals. The first verse and chorus of the song manage to stay minimum on the instruments, but even so it sounds absolutely incredible. It isn’t until the second verse starts that the song really reaches it’s true potential as light beats and background vocals are added to the song, along with some more instruments. This song is easily one of Ai’s best works recently and does an amazing job as the a-side of an anniversary single. I highly recommend you listen to it if your interested in hearing the best ballad in 2008 yet.

I wasn’t sure what to expect with a song title like H20, but unfortunately, it wasn’t what I would of liked to hear. The song is your standard Ai rock song and isn’t really catchy in any way. The electric guitar only proves to be annoying and Ai’s cutesy vocals didn’t help either. This song sounded really messy.

Fortunately, Ame no Tsubu, Waltz ~LOVE MUSiC~ manages to make up for the last tracks faults and manages to bring even more. The son gis actually a rearrangement of an older Ai song, LOVE MUSiC and let me tell you what a great new version it is. It begins with some EXTREMELY soothing piano and ethereal sounding noises. Ai’s vocals are just perfect, maintaining a nice calm tone and pace, reaching perfect harmony with the quiet instrumental. The song only gets better as it progresses into it’s second verse as the instrumentals reach an all time high. This is truly an amazing b-side and ALMOST as good as Kurage, Nagareboshi, almost.

I don’t think Ai could have released a more amazing single than this, not counting H20. Kurage, Nagareboshi is now one of my favorite ballads ever and top 3 in Ai’s discography. I couldn’t have asked for a better b-side than Ame no Tsubu, Waltz ~LOVE MUSiC~, which reminded me a lot of Sora to Kujira on her Rocket Sneaker / OnexTime single. If your interested into getting into Ai’s music, this is the single for you.

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One Response to Otsuka Ai – Kurage, Nagareboshi

  1. Raid says:

    As I’ve mentioned on another blog, I’m so glad she finally has the sense to release something decent. The last time she’s had a good single was like…. CHU-LIP. D:

    This song is so Renai Shashin x Planetarium. It’s awesome.

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