alan – Kaze no Tegami

Kaze no Tegami was alan’s 8th single. It was released September 10, 2008. It sold 2,812 copies in it’s first week and reached #34 on the charts. This single was based on the Wind element.


1. Kaze no Tegami
2. Kagome
3. Kaze no Tegami (Instrumental)
4. Kagome (Instrumental)

alan continues taking new steps to different directions of music and Kaze no Tegami is no exception. I’d consider this a ballad if it weren’t for the rock elements that are present throughout the entire song. The song has an ethereal sounding beginning before changing to the hard rock sounds that lead into the chorus. I actually thought the instrumentals sounded really nice and alan’s vocals are no doubt amazing as usual. My favorite part of the song was the instrumental break after the second chorus, where alan’s vocals get real soft before going onto the final chorus. A very good rock song from alan.

Seeing an instrumental version of Kagome in the single gives me hope that we will see it in her upcoming album as this song is really good. The acoustic guitar is the prominent instrument in this soft almost ballad like(typical alan) song. I liked how her vocals were realy soft and light to accompany the minimum instruments during the verses but the chorus is where the song shines. Everything just kicks it up a notch and we get to hear lots of more instruments come into play, giving the song a bit more of a rock feeling.

Kaze no Tegami seemed like a very solid rock single from alan. I liked both songs a lot but not as much as her previous releases. Either way, both songs are great listens and a new direction from alan’s other songs, though I am in the mood for a new ballad from her…

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