Angela Aki – Tegami ~Haikei Jugo no Kimi he~



1. Tegami ~Haikei Jugo no Kimi he~
2. Final Destination
3. Still Fighting It
4. Tegami ~Haikei Jugo no Kimi he~-strings version-

From the very first opening piano sequence, you can tell that this is gonna be a very emotional ballad. I just had no idea it was gonna be Angela’s most beautiful and well arranged  song in a long time. Those low piano chords just draw you in while Angela’s vocals bring a more personal touch to the song. Every second of it is amazing, and the chorus is just splendid with some soft background vocals and the piano being the only instrument present, even after it ends. Half way through Tegami, after the second chorus, the song takes a more pop approach, introducing hand clapping along with more background vocals and lots of “la la la”‘s. The “Keep on belivin'” parts just sound so powerful until the song gets real quiet and slow before going back to how it was. Truly beautiful and a must listen.

Even the b-sides don’t fail to impress. First up is Final Destination, which begins with a more smooth piano sound and Angela’s almost whispering vocals. Other instruments, such as drums and a bass, begin to slowly appear until the chorus finally arrives. Everything comes together quite nicely. I like this song. It’s not something from Angela’s discography that I would constantly listen to, but it’s not something to completely look over.

The second b-side is Still Fighting It. Opening with a more melancholy piano sound and Angela’s emotional vocals, this song screams out ballad. Luckily, it gets a lot more interesting as it goes on. The melody is especially captivating, as is the constant change of atmosphere the song gives off. More inspirational during the chorus and sadder during the verses. It doesn’t beat the a-side, but I prefer this over the other b-side.

If you thought the main track couldn’t get better, than the -strings version- of Tegami is about to surprise you. It’s the same song, but a BEAUTIFUL orchestra has been added, first noticeable in the intro. It’s absent during the verses and comes back right before the bridge begins and than once again for the chorus. They really add that extra needed element to really give you goosebumps and make the song even more special.

There was no way I was expecting this much from this single. I’m so glad that it sold so much for Angela, she really deserved it with this winning song. I recommend either version of Tegami to you.

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10 Responses to Angela Aki – Tegami ~Haikei Jugo no Kimi he~

  1. Raid says:

    I love this single, don’t get me wrong, but seriously. I don’t see why someone with such amazing talent like Angela Aki keeps releasing ballad after ballad after ballad. How about piano pop? Bossonova? Big Band? Jive? There’s loads more she could do other than this neverending list of slow songs.

  2. Jin says:

    I see your point… She pretty much only releases ballads but all of my favorite songs from hers are ballads, so I’m guessing she releases so many of them because thats what she excels in, though I’d love to see some Bossonova from her. :D We’re gonna have to wait and see. XP

  3. Selryam says:

    She may only release ballad singles, but her albums usually make up for it with a bit of pop.

    TODAY did, at least. And Final Destination shows that she’s keeping that style. Plus, there was Tashika Ni and Again.

  4. Radia says:

    I thought it was e not he.. >>;

  5. Jin says:

    ^ Indeed it is, thanks. ;D

  6. fyi, “he” and “e” is the same particle.
    It’s just like people romanizing “wo” and “o”, which is the same particle as well.

    (I.e. “he” wasn’t wrong, nor is “e”, although wiki has a certain romanization standard, which I think is “e”.)

    – Megu

  7. Jin says:

    That works too. xp Fine, I’ll keep it at “e” than. :P

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  9. Selryam says:

    Now you have to review the album. >:l

  10. Jin says:


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