PRECIOUS was MEG’s 16th single. It was released September 17, 2008. It is her first single to also be released in CD+DVD.


3. PRECIOUS <end of summer mix>

All I can say about PRECIOUS is that it’s as typical MEG that you can get. This song really doesn’t take any risks instrumental wise, although they do sound nice and the vocals are as bland(and bad) as ever. I just really can’t stand MEG’s vocals in this song! Especially her pronunciation of English words, it’s gross. Either way, I enjoyed the verses more than the chorus as they sounded more complex and original while the chorus sounded typical and uninteresting. I also thought the chorus repeated too much near the ending. It’s a nice electropop MEG song but beware of her vocals as they might totally ruin the song for you(luckily, this wasn’t the case for me, barely).

I had read that CANDY was very similar to Perfume’s Macaroni but jeez, I didn’t think they would be this alike! What makes them similar are the instruments and feeling of the song. Both the typical Nakata instrumentals and normal drums make a very unique sounding chill atmosphere which I really enjoyed. MEG’s vocals were also a lot better as they were semi-whispering the whole time, so that was a plus. Both the a-side and b-side are tied for being the best track on the single.

Last up, we get a remix of the a-side, PRECIOUS <end of summer mix> managed to impress me quite a bit because I had low expectations for this song. The song does an awesome job of giving that summer vibe to the listener while maintaining faithful to the original. Unfortunately, MEG’s vocals are the same and stand out even more, especially during the chorus which is loaded with English. Vocals aside, it’s a great remix.

So maybe I wasn’t expecting much from this single, but I don’t want to sound like I was blown away either. While the a-side was very typical MEG with bad vocals, the remix and b-side managed to pull this single out from the bunch and make it listenable.  I wasn’t sure whether I liked or disliked the video and cover art but after watching te PV a few times, it’s actually quite interesting.

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2 Responses to MEG – PRECIOUS

  1. solarblade says:

    Don’t forget bout those awesome cats LOL

  2. Jin says:

    Only reason the PV wins. ;D Plus the way everything floats causw we totally can’t see the people dressed in black that totally blend in the background. :)

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