Ongaku Gatas – Come Together

Come Together was Ongaku Gatas’ 3rd single. It was released September 9, 2008. It sold 9,740 copies in it’s first week, 12,004 overall and reached #12 on the charts.


1. Come Together

2. Aisaretai Aisaretai

3. Come Together (Instrumental)

Come Together begins with some electric guitar and the first chorus of the songl. First thing about this song, your either gonna hate or love the line distribution. The Eggs get ABSOLUTELY NO solo lines(only a group lines with just the Eggs) and only the senior members get a ton of solos to share(they do sound good however). This song is actually VERY standard, as in it’s the most generic song I’ve heard in a while instrumental wise. It’s H!P pop with some light electric guitar in the background. The verses were actually pretty enjoyable cause I get to hear Konno singing(even though she hasn’t got the best voice). The bridge to the chorus was nice as well but the chorus itself was only pretty average, though the solo parts did sound pretty nice. It’s different from their last two singles as it isn’t funky or anything which is a bad thing.

Aisaretai Aisaretai, however, while not being as good as the a-side, it’s one of the better b-side’s the group has released yet. The beginning has a Tsunku vocal heavy disco type instrumental which maintains throught the song. The verses are pretty bland and boring but it gets good when the chorus kicks in. It’s also nice to hear the Eggs singing for once, though it is EXTREMELY minimal.

Come Together was a disappointing release for me. I enjoyed their last two singles but this one just killed it for me. Come Together only manages to be the smallest bit memorable and the b-side is kinda boring. They should have stuck with the style they had going on in the last two singles.

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