Morning Musume. – Pepper Keibu

Pepper Keibu is Morning Musume.’s 37th single and it was released on September 24, 2008. It reached #3 on the Oricon Weekly Charts and has sold 46,067 copies.


1. Pepper Keibu
2. Romance
3. Pepper Keibu (Instrumental)

The a-side to Morning Musume’s newest single, Pepper Keibu begins with some very brief relaxing lounge type sounds but that only lasts a few seconds until the main melody comes in with a bang, faithful to the original. Even though it sounds VERY similar, it still sounds very fresh coming from the girls. I really enjoyed the line distribution in this song as the girls are split up into duo’s(similar to how they are on the cover art) with Reina(unfortunately) getting the only solo lines. The thing about the duet lines that I both like and hate is that even though they sing together, one of the girl’s voices is way more prominent than the others. This is good in that we get to hear Sayumi and Aika getting solo lines with some minimal background vocals but bad in that Ai manages to get the most out of this as when she gets her duets(2 per girl), her voice is the most prominent. It isn’t into 40 seconds of the song that the new remixed version of the original song starts and let me tell you that it’s REALLY good! It has that distinguishable Momosu sound and includes some very heavy beats and repeated synth, I even hear strings in there too! It all just sounds so great! I found the verses more enjoyable simply because I get to hear different voices other than Reina/Ai, so it’s refreshing to the ears. The instrumental break in this song is one of the best I’ve heard in a while and has some great rising strings near the end before getting back into the chorus. As the ending comes, we’re treated to what really gives this song a Morning Musume touch, Sayumi getting a talking solo line with “Peppa Keibu yo”. She did say she wanted actual singing lines, and I’m sure she’s happy with the amount she got in Pepper Keibu. I really enjoyed this song and I’m sure you will also, fan of the original or not(I had actually never heard the original before this) as I did. Recommended listening.

Don’t let the term b-side fool you with this song. Romance is also a cover song and it sounds great! Compared to the last track, this song is a bit more relaxing though it does feature some rapid sounds but they all give off a nostalgic flair. What was also awesome about this song was the superb line distribution. Some might not find it that out of the ordinary but what really got me excited was the both Risa and Eri are featured as one of the main vocals. Ai, Reina, Eri and Risa get the only solo lines, being in order from most to least(well, Kusumi gets one but who wants to hear her sing, really?). I did like the “la la la…” sequence shortly before the second chorus as well. This was a solid b-side, though I did enjoy Pepper Keibu better. It’s also one of the better b-sides the girls have released in a while.

Oops, I think I overdid it with this review… I’ve just been waiting for a new single from them for a while now(though the wait for Resonant Blue was worse)! I’m always looking forward to new Momosu releases and they never fail to let me down. This was a really enjoyable single, now about the cover and PV… The PV was cheap, but that’s normal in H!P now a days. It also seems like the lowest budget PV they spent in a video so far… It’s all like one big dance shot, but either way, I really liked it ’cause of its great dancing and how great the girls looked. The cover art, however, reminds me of the Mikan single with those silver and white outfits, which I didn’t at all like. I did like how they paired the girls up, but I didn’t like the color scheme, the design and Reina getting the center. So yea, do yourself a favor and listen to this now.

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5 Responses to Morning Musume. – Pepper Keibu

  1. solarblade says:

    Really? I kinda thought the single was a downer from RB….though I do love Romance!

  2. Jin says:

    I agree, the a-side wasn’t up to par with Resonant Blue but the single as a whole was a tad bit better. :3

  3. solarblade says:

    ok thats true Sono Bamen blah blah was pretty x.x

  4. Raid says:

    I liked Resonant Blue better. This single was a bit OVERLY nostalgic for me.

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