misono – Kazoku no Hi

Kazoku no Hi was misono’s 11th single. It was released October 29, 2008. It sold 4,456 copies in it’s first week and reached #23 on the charts. Kazoku no Hi was used as the theme song for KTV’s “Kodomo no Uta”.


1. Kazoku no Hi
2. Aburazemi♀ (Osaka version) -Piano version-
3. music letter
4. Aburazemi♀ (Osaka version) -TV size
5. Kazoku no Hi(instrumental)

I wasn’t very fond of Kazoku no Hi as soon as it started, as the solo acoustic guitar reminded me of the last few tracks of her recent album. Luckily, that only last until 40 seconds in where the guitar continues, but is joined by rock elements. Some people may not agree with me, but I like misono’s vocals in this song. It’s one of her less in your face rock and more to the mellow side, though it doesn’t beat some of her other songs like “Zasetsu Chiten”. I also liked the melody of the song. Don’t get too excited about the song though, it’s really not too special, it just has it’s good points. Overall, an average misono song to follow up her album.

Next is the plenty long Aburazemi♀ (Osaka version) -Piano version-. This song lasts for a total of 8:25, hopefully we’ll have something interesting to listen to that whole time. The song begins with misono singing with a simple piano accompanying her. 2:30, the song is still the same, and not very interesting. Well, I should have been expecting this due to the name of the song, but all 8 minutes are made of a boring arrangement with misono and a piano. You’ll only really enjoy this song if your half dead or something.

What surprised me about music letter is that the first minute is simply misono talking while a simple melody, almost angelic sounding, plays in the background.  She than begins to sing with the same background music, but an interesting thing is that it sounds as if she were crying the whole time, or just being really sad. The song switches between talking and singing in different parts. It’s not entirely memorable, but it’s a pretty emotional song.

I was glad to see that Aburazemi♀ (Osaka version) -TV size cut off a total of 5 minutes and 20 seconds from the original. It also features a different arrangement. It has a more upbeat sound to it with more acoustic guitar and misono singing along with Shinagawa Hiroshi. It’s better than the original, but still not to my interest.

Bah, I was expecting so much more from this single… It’s a shame that the extra material sucks as much as it does. The a-side is acceptable, but not something you’ll find yourself putting on repeat for three days(like Suzuki Ami’s FREE FREE, for example). You may enjoy it more than I did, or hate it even more. It’s really a thing about personal taste.

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