Aira Mitsuki – ROBOT HONEY

ROBOT HONEY was Aira Mitsuki’s 2nd major single and 4th overall. It was released October 29, 2008.


2. Knee-high Girl
3. Every night heartfull music song
5. ROBOT HONEY (Sound Around rmx)
7. ROBOT HONEY (digital mp-3 mastering ver.)
8. Knee-high Girl (digital mp-3 mastering ver.)
9. Every night heartfull music song (digital mp-3 mastering ver.)
10. SAZAE FUNKADELiC (digital mp-3 mastering ver.)

Following up the release of her album, Mitsuki releases this single. Apart from the hefty tracklist, what surprised me the most was how good the actual quality of the single was. The a-side, ROBOT HONEY, of course, is your typical cutesy electropop song but with that Aira Mitsuki touch. The song begins with some pretty loud synth and constant beats that stay through the entire song, their really what make this song so unique, apart from the almost guitar sounding synth heard through the instrumental parts. Mitsuki’s vocals are as always, vocoded and they sound as good(or bad) as in her other releases. It was the music that made me like this song, even though the chorus isn’t too interesting. Though there is an especially cool part a bit after the second chorus.

Up next is Knee-high Girl. I actually liked this song as much the a-side ’cause it’s less pop and more techno, which is always a plus for me. Apart from Mitsuki, there’s also some vocoded male voices in the background, though it gets kinda drowned out by the loud yet catchy synth. You might consider this song more of an instrumental track, even though it has it’s small share of vocals.

Mitsuki slows things down for Every night heartfull music song. If you heard either of “STAR FRUITS SURF RIDER” or “Darling Wondering Staring”, you’ll have a general idea about this song’s style. An electropop ballad, you could say. While it’s not as memorable as the other two, it can still with stand it’s own. It’s not really the arrangement that attracts me to this song, but instead it’s soothing, spacey atmosphere and the more steady and soft vocals.

Now we arrive at the gem of the single. SAZAE FUNKADELiC reminded me a lot of “Beep Count Fantastic” from her “COPY” album, even though it isn’t as near as trance driven and has a lot more vocals. Starting from the very first second, I get an Asian vibe from the synth that’s present, which is a very catchy, sparkly sounding one. The beats are very heavy during the verses and get even better during the chorus. My favorite part would have to be the bit after the chorus, where Mistuki repeats the same line for a bit. It’s a really intense and heavy song that proves to be quite memorable. Recommended listening.

Now we arrive to the first remix of the single. I really liked the way ROBOT HONEY (Sound Around rmx) with uplifting piano chords but still maintains the vocoder and synth. The instrumentals are minimal during the verses(I never really like that a lot) but the chorus makes up for it with it’s use of percussion and piano. It’s a nice remix that give’s the original a more lighter atmosphere, but I still enjoyed the original more.

Last up is SAZAE FUNKADELiC (TOKYO IKEJIRI PLASTIC BABE rmx). It begins with some very fuzzy(annoying) synth in the beginning before Mistuki’s echoed vocals come in. This song has some very interesting beats, which are the only thing present during the verse and than we get more synth and stuffs during the chorus. The most drastic change(apart from the song getting torn apart everywhere) would have to be Mitsuki’s vocals, which are broken apart or made to repeat/typical techno vocal edits, etc… It makes for an interesting remix, but not my cup of tea.

Overall, I was very impressed with this single. Usually, post-album singles tend to be bad, but Aira managed to finally break that chain. What most surprised me was that the b-side material ended up being better than the actual a-side, which doesn’t usually happen. A great single to get started with if you wanna start listening to Mitsuki.

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One Response to Aira Mitsuki – ROBOT HONEY

  1. Selryam says:


    This single was absolutely briiiiiiiiilliaaaaaaaant. The second b-side could’ve been better, but Knee-High Girl and SAZAE are both fantastic.

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