Tamaki Nami – Daitan ni ikimasho ↑Heart & Soul↑

Daitan ni ikimasho ↑Heart & Soul↑ was Tamaki Nami’s 5th single. It was released July 14, 2004. The a-side was a Japanese cover of the song “A Perfect Match” by the group A*Teens.


1. Daitan ni ikimasho ↑Heart & Soul↑
2. Distance
3. Special Birthday
4. Daitan ni ikimasho ↑Heart & Soul↑ (Instrumental)

There’s the reason I didn’t like this song! It’s an A*Teens cover! Ugh, I just don’t like anything about this song really… I’m not gonna review this song comparing it with the original, by the way. It’s kinda like a guitar heavy pop song with Tamaki trying to sound cute. The chorus can prove to be kinda catchy, but at the same time it’s pretty cheesy… Meh, this song kinda fails for me… It just never seems to catch my attention.

The first b-side is Distance. This, unlike the a-side, starts off sounding very typical Tamaki Nami. You know, rock elements with some techno beats and synth, automatically making it better than the a-side. I liked the vocal performance in this song, she actually holds some notes. Apart from that, it’s an okay b-side.

Last up is Special Birthday. It begins with some light pop sounds and background vocals. It has acoustic guitar, which is nice. It’s a cutesy type of song but overall is nothing that will keep you interested.

Well, that proved to be really boring and uninteresting… I don’t think I’ve reviewed a single this bad. Distance managed to be the best song on the single and even so it’s mediocre compared to Tamaki’s other works.

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