Suzuki Ami – Supreme Show

Supreme Show was Suzuki Ami’s 7th album. It was released November 12th, 2008. It sold 8,748 copies in it’s first week and reached #16 on the charts. This album commemorates her 10th anniversary as an artist and was produced by Yasutaka Nakata of capsule.


1. TEN
2. can’t stop the DISCO
3. climb up to the top
5. Mysterious
6. change my life
8. A token of love
10. flower
11. ONE

There’s no better way to start off the album than with TEN(although the name states otherwise). The immediate repeating synth(which is good as heck) reminded me a bit of FREE FREE. It wasn’t until the gorgeous piano kicked in that I was really mesmerized. The lyrics are completely in English and REALLY vocoded, not as much as FREE FREE though. Either way, they sound great and tell a story about Suzuki’s career. Between every word, theirs some great synth to keep you interested until the chorus kicks in. Gawd is it great! After the second chorus the music kinda fades out and you think the song is gonna end, but it actually kicks back in at full force and gives you 1 second short of 5 minutes of total electropop goodness.

Now we arrive at the first already released track, can’t stop the DISCO. Nakata actually put the entire single in the album, and one after the next as they already flowed into each other(but maybe he was just too lazy to change things up). The song hasn’t really changed for me since the single. It does fit into the theme of the album(the house genre), though I thought that the other material on the single should have been left out.

I’ve really come to appreciate climb up to the top a lot more than when it was on the single. I still can’t stand Ami’s screaming but it’s actually the instrumental that makes this song stand out. It would also be the most aggressive track on the album…

Now for my least favorite track on the album(also my least favorite Yasutaka produced Ami song). I didn’t really hate SUPER MUSIC MAKER (SA’08S/A mix) when it was on the single but for some reason I can’t stand listening to it now. Maybe I find the arrangement boring, or maybe it’s cause it’s an old song(though the synth isn’t too bad) but I just don’t like it. The original really would of fit in better with the theme of the album.

The second new song is the ever chill/creepy Mysterious. It took me a while to like this song, don’t know why though cause it’s really freakin’ good.  It has some strong beats and almost spooky/dark sounding synth. When Ami starts singing, the song gets really “mysterious(-_-)”. Ami’s vocals fit perfectly with the song. A really recommended track.

change my life manages to brighten things up a bit with it’s high beats and Ami’s club-y vocals during the verse with minimal beats. They kick up a notch during the chorus, making an interesting house style with a bit of cuteness in it. I didn’t like this song too much(and the one that follows) too much at first, but it’s really growing on me. It’s also the shortest song on the album at 3:29.

LOVE MAIL isn’t really one of my favorite tracks of the album. It’s not bad at all however. It’s similar to change my life but instead is more aggressive and sounds like a standard song, not particularly leaning to the house genre. I don’t like how Ami kinda almost screams the lyrics during the chorus(or maybe it’s Nakata screwing her voice up). Still a nice addition to the album.

Leading up right after LOVE MAIL finishes is A token of love, the underrated b-side from the ONE single. I had stated how much I preferred this song(the FM88 mix) over ONE, however that’s changed now. A token of love feels kinda like a filler in the album. Still a freakin’ good song but I could have done without it.

Immediately after the last track starts TRUE. I swear, the very first few seconds of this song made me absolutely gasm of from good it is. The instrumental is amazing!!! The verses are so nice and calm and fit perfectly with the orchestra playing in the background(yes, orchestra). I have to admit though, I did prefer the verse to the chorus, the only problem being that there’s only one verse in the song, with the chorus repeating more. Apart from that, your gonna fall in love with the instrumental.

Another more soft and slow paced track is flower, the last new track and pretty much an electropop ballad. This song is incredible. The strings that open up are perfect and just like TRUE, it’s the instrumental that will make you fall in love with it. Nakata sets the perfect atmosphere with the variety of sounds and Ami puts it all together with her soothing vocals. Recommended listening.

Here we go… Possibly the best song of this entire era, ONE. Ever since the single, this song has been infecting me with it’s catchyness day after day, it’s risen up in play count to #2, just before FREE FREE. This truly is an amazing track and makes for a suitable ending to this album(even though it’s name doesn’t agree).

Wow. I don’t think I had been awaiting an album from an artist as much as I had for this one. At first, I was kinda disappointed with the album, but now that I’ve come to listen to the songs enough and get the feeling of the album, I’ve come to known that it is truly amazing. I could have done without the cstD b-side+remix, but there nothing the “Forward” button can’t deal with. Your best choice if looking for anything electropop.

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