FOREVER LOVE is °C-ute’s 7th major single and it was released on November 26, 2008. It reached #5 on the Oricon Weekly Charts and has sold 29,144 copies.


2. Seventeen’s VOW
3. FOREVER LOVE (Instrumental)

Here we go! Following the steps of Namida no Iro, FOREVER LOVE has to be one of °C-ute’s most aggressive singles to date. Some really rough guitar rifts and beats make this song really different from the other H!P stuff present now-a-days. Maimi and Airi take total control of this song, splitting up like 75% of the lyrics between the two, with the other girls only singing during the bridge and chorus. The verses are pretty calm but it’s the chorus that has the biggest impact on the listener. It’s both cute and tough; cute with the vocals from the other girls(not Maimi nor Airi) singing “My Darling” and “I Love You” but tough from the rough instrumental. The song is your typical H!P arrangement, though the verses were a bit shorter than other songs I’ve heard. The instrumental break is pretty dang awesome and has some nice vocals in it(if you like Tsunku). Although some people may not like the line distribution(on par with Resonant Blue), the two lead vocalists manage to take the song home nicely.

Here we go… The b-side. Seventeen’s VOW is as generic as an H!P b-side can be. Really though, this song has nothing special about it that will make it stand out from the rest. It’s more rock than the norm but the upbeat, cutesy instrumental is no high point for the song. If anything, the chorus is semi-catchy, though that’s saying the best. Not horrible, but generic.

I really enjoyed the a-side to this single. The b-side is something I might never listen to again but FOREVER LOVE could very well stick on me for a long time to come. To me, °C-ute is the lead H!P group that has the more mainstream sound, but with this and their last single, they seem to be moving out of that area. Recommended a-side.

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