Berryz Kobo – MADAYADE

MADAYADE is Berryz Kobo’s18th single and it was released on November 5, 2008. It reached #6 on the Oricon Weekly Charts and has sold 25,469copies.


2. Furare Pattern
3. MADAYADE (Instrumental)

I didn’t know Tsunku was allowed to release surfing as the winter holidays were arriving! Much like the other Berryz releases, MADAYADE is crazy(though not near as much as the last two). It opens up with some unique rifts, and then leads into a full-blown typical Hawaiian/surfing type instrumental which is a pretty strange listen. The song is upbeat the whole time and has a very catchy verse, which is sung well by Risako(although she doesn’t have the best voice in the group). We get to hear more of the members this time, notably Yurina whom Tsunku seems to have switched roles with Miyabi, giving her a more back seat role. The chorus is a ton of fun, with the girls repeating “MADAYADE” and ending it with a strange “Pyon” sound, similar to the Minimoni tracks. As much as I like this song, it isn’t as memorable as their last two singles and I also disliked how they gave Miyabi a less important role in the PV, song and cover art. She easily has the best voice(next to Momoko, while the lead singer has, in my opinion, the whiny and obnoxious voice) in the group and should be given more recognition.

Never too excited to get to the 2nd track of an H!P single, I cautiously began to play Furare Pattern. It opens up like your typical H!P b-side except this time it sounds… kinda unique. The song seems to make a total u-turn when the actual singing arrives. It’s really good! And catchy as well! You could say it’s your typical pop song during the verses and chorus with some snazzy sounding rifts) but the real difference is the hook of the song, where the girls sing this rising bit together that Momoko manages to glue together. It’s pretty epic and the highlight of this song. An above average b-side.

While the single sounds a little more mainstream than your typical Berryz release, it still proves to be a strong overall package. The more rock sound heard in the a-side is quite fresh while finally having a listenable b-side is a sigh of relief. The lack of Miyabi still bothers me but I can only hope that it’s temporary as Yurina had always been “the 4th girl” in the group.

Overall Rating



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